The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 594

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Chapter 594

“Young Master Xi, I remember you were the last one with Brother Feng Yunhai at Breaking Spirit Mountain right?”

Suddenly a teenager’s clear voice broke the depressive atmosphere .

The speaker was Nalan Ziyun .

When Feng Lianying and others heard the words, they looked at Hexi at once . Their gaze was like ice swords, wanting to tear her into pieces .

Before Feng Lianying managed to speak, another middle-aged man at the peak of the Gold Core stage had already screamed, “Xi Yue, it’s you again! Do you really think you can simply provoke our Feng Family? You keep challenging the majestic of the Feng Family!”

Hexi still looked no fear . There was still a calm smile on her face . She crossed her arms and said, “You can eat anything you like, but you can’t talk nonsense . You said that Feng Yunhai was killed by me, is there any evidence?”

“Since you were the one who last saw Yunhai, if it wasn’t you, who would it be?!”

Hexi smirked: “He said that I was the one who saw Feng Yunhai last, then I was the last? If he asks you to die, would you listen? Not to mention, I saw Feng Yunhai three days ago . Can you poison someone three days ago and let him die when he just meets you?”

The middle-aged man of the Feng Family was so speechless for a long time by Hexi’s words .

When Feng Lianying saw Hexi, she couldn’t wait to rip her off the bones, no matter whether she killed them or not, “Xi Yue, you b.i.t.c.h, who would oppose our Feng Family except you . Stop quibbling . Today you better let us arrest you without resisting, otherwise you won’t be able to get out of this Breaking Spirit Mountain!”

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Hexi glanced at Nalan Ziyun and spoke ambiguously, “Oh? No one except me would oppose the Feng Family? Why do I recall that someone asked me for help when I’m in a conflict with Feng Yunhai?”

But these people looked at him with disgust and contempt, and they didn’t mean to help him at all .

Nalan Ziyun suddenly panicked, watching the aggressive gaze of the Feng Family . His hands and feet were trembling, “I … No, I didn’t kill them… Xi Yue, you don’t put the blame on me…”

At this moment, Xia Yichen finally stood up and said coldly, “Three days ago in the rank four magical beast area, we did have a conflict with Feng Yunhai . The reason was that Feng Yunhai wanted to rob our monster essence pills . ”

“Xi Yue was just pa.s.sing by and he helped us because he couldn’t accustom to Feng Yunhai’s bad behavior . In the end, Feng Yunhai was defeated . He was being tied up and beaten up by us . ”

Xia Yichen took a few steps forward . He looked just like a ten-year-old young man, but his face was handsome and delicate . There was a dignified vibe which made his words convincing .

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