The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 593

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Chapter 593

Who the h.e.l.l is it? Who is so bold to kill the Feng Family’s people under the daylight!!!

The doctor who came to check up faced the fierce expression of the Feng Family people and they were terrified that they trembled, but he still said, “My medical skills are not good . I really can’t find out how these people were poisoned and when they were poisoned . Miss Feng, please be mercy!”

Ouyang Haoxuan not far away was startled by the scene .

Then he stared blankly at Hexi, lowering his voice, “Did you do this?”

Hexi’s mouth curved slightly, and he slowly replied with a very low voice, “Ouyang Haoxuan, I guess those mysterious people who wanted to catch you may be sent by the Feng Family . ”

Ouyang Haoxuan froze, wondering, “Feng Family? What did the Feng Family want from me?”

“I don’t know why they want to catch you?” Hexi smiled slowly . “I gave Feng Yunhai Name Spirit Powder . As soon as Feng Yunhai and the others left Breaking Spirit Mountain, the Name Spirit Powder will be triggered . ”

“During the onset of the Name Spirit Powder, as long as they mentioned my name, they would suddenly find themselves unable to speak . It took at least a month to recover . However, if they mentioned your name, Name Spirit Powder will be activated completely . No matter who says your name, the Name Spirit Powder will kill all of them at the same time . ”

Ouyang Haoxuan’s eyes widened in shock . He said with disbelief, “There… there is such a poison in this world?”

Xi Yue, how powerful is your healing and poisoning technique?

Hexi said indifferently, “This is like the curse by the immortal . It will set some rules and restrictions . Once someone violates the curse, he or she will be punished . Name Spirit Powder is mixed with similar spiritual power . Together with the poison that can lurk the human body, this effect can naturally be achieved . ”

Speaking of which, Hexi glanced at Ouyang Haoxuan and said slowly, “Shouldn’t you pay attention to the death of Feng Yunhai and the others?”

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As she spoke, there was a cold and cruel smile on her mouth, “I obviously should be the most hated person of the Feng Family . However, in Breaking Spirit Mountain, after Feng Yunhai found out your ident.i.ty, he didn’t even bother about Xia Yichen and me . He just wanted to catch you alive . Moreover, the first sentence he spoke to Feng Lianying is even about you… Ouyang Haoxuan, don’t you find it interesting?

Many martial artists were already full of doubt and contempt for the Feng Family .

Look at the Feng Family who sent so many Gold Core stage martial artists this time . Now that only a few people came out now . They did not expect that the strength of the Feng Family was so weak now .

Hmmm, it seems that this time if they were lucky enough to be selected by the major sects, they definitely shouldn’t choose the Feng Family .

Feng Lianying’s heart was full of resentment and hopelessness . The criticizing gaze of those martial artists even made her ashamed .

At this time, Feng Yunjing even disappeared . No one had the might to control this situation .

If I know who is the one who harmed the Feng Family’s people, I will…

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