The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 592

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Chapter 592

Hexi softly comforted, “This way I could wait for Ouyang’s help . Didn’t you help me a lot by that?”

Shen Qingchuo’s eyes were beaming when she heard that . She lowered her voice, “Young Master Xi, are you telling the truth?”

Hexi nodded .

Shen Qingchuo was immediately delighted . Her little face seemed to be able to emit dazzling light .

Xia Yichen, who came from the side, wanted to talk to Hexi, but when he saw the scene, he snorted in anger and left arrogantly .

Nalan Ziyun whispered beside him, “Apart from Xi Yue’s handsome look, how can he compare to you . I really don’t know what the girl of the Shen Family thinks . She is actually fond of him . ”

“Do you not know what Xi Yue is capable of except for his handsome face? Why did you ask him for help if he was so incapable?” Xia Yichen glared at him, then gritted his teeth . “I don’t need you to comfort me . I know that I can’t compare myself to Xi Yue, so it’s normal for Chuo Er to be fond of him . ”

His face was full of unwillingness, but his eyes looked calm . Xia Yichen clenched his fists and said, “When I return to Qixing Palace, I train with my grandfather properly! One day, I will defeat that Xi Yue and let my Chuo Er take a different look at me!”

Hexi glanced at Xia Yichen’s leaving figure, and she could hear everything the two guys said .

Then, there was a smile on her face .

Ouyang Haoxuan suddenly said in a deep voice, “Xi Yue, it’s that Feng Yunhai . ”

Hexi was astounded . When she looked up, she saw Feng Yunhai, who had bald hair, limped toward Feng Lianying and Nie Jinchen, and several disciples of the Feng Family .

As he walked, his gaze glanced viciously at Hexi and Ouyang Haoxuan . There was a sinister smile on his face .

Ouyang Haoxuan frowned . “It seems he is going to report to the elders of the Feng Family . ”

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Hexi’s expression was not fl.u.s.tered, and she smiled leisurely: “Relax, he can’t report it . ”

At the same time, there were also several martial artists who went into the Breaking Spirit Mountain with Feng Yunhai . It even included a Gold Core stage martial artist .

Everyone’s death was extremely weird . They were spitting blood, then the blood turned purple .

The closing ceremony of the Big Hunting Match was immediately chaotic .

The prepared doctor hurriedly rushed over to check the dead men, but no one could find out the cause of the death .

Feng Lianying’s face was extremely ugly .

On this trip to Breaking Spirit Mountain, their Feng Family lost all their faces and they lost so many Gold Core stage martial artists when dealing with Xi Yue .

Today, the martial artists who followed Feng Yunhai to the Breaking Spirit Mountain were dead .

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