The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 591

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Chapter 591

Big Hunting Match, which lasted a whole month, was finally over .

When Hexi came out of the transportation array of the Breaking Spirit Mountain while holding an inscribed teleportation jade slip . She saw the crowds in front of her .

Most of them were shabby; they looked withered and dejected .

But there were also people who looked proud of himself . Their eyebrows were full of complacent smiles . Obviously, they had achieved good results in this Big Hunting Match .

Hexi glanced through the crowd, then she quickly met Feng Lianying’s cold, ghostly eyes .

Hexi’s gaze examined her up and down, then she glanced at Nie Jinchen beside her, revealing an inexplicable smile .

It’s really a pity for the Ice Lotus Fairy . Having s.e.x with eight men for a few days and nights, she can still appear here beautifully .

Should I say that she is talented, or her desire is strong?

When Feng Lianying saw Hexi’s smile, she was so hateful that she almost crushed her silver teeth .

If this was not the closing ceremony of the Big Hunting Match, she would have rushed over and torn Hexi who had framed her into pieces .

Hexi’s deep voice suddenly came from Ouyang Haoxuan, “Xi Yue, don’t entangle with such a shameless woman, lest you dirty your eyes . ”

Hexi looked up and saw Ouyang Haoxuan looking at Feng Lianying with contempt and disgust .

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Seeing Hexi’s confusion, Ouyang Haoxuan explained something inexplicably, “When I received your call for help, I rushed to the junction of the rank five magical beast area and the rank four magical beast area, and then saw the woman and several men… I didn’t expect the Ice Lotus Fairy who looks holy on the surface is actually so disgusting . ”

As soon as Hexi turned her head, she met the little girl’s worried and guilty eyes . Her little apple-like face turned red, and her white forehead even exuded a thin layer of sweat .

Hexi’s eyebrows quickly became soft, and her tone turned soft as she spoke to Shen Qingchuo . “Don’t you worry, Miss Shen . Am I not fine now?”

When Shen Qingchuo heard the words, her eyes became red . Her little hands were holding onto Hexi’s sleeve, and her voice was slightly choking, “Sorry, Young Master Xi, I promised to help you … but I couldn’t fulfill my promise . Grandpa taught me not to promise anything that I can’t fulfill . I… I ’m really useless…”

Hexi smiled gently, “Who said you didn’t help me?”

As Hexo spoke, she took out the contact talisman and stuffed it into Shen Qingchuo’s hands . She said slowly, “In fact, I was accidentally teleported to the rank five magical beast area, so I asked you and Young Master Ouyang for help . ”

“Although you couldn’t come on time, the talisman you gave me showed me where you are, and it gave me a way to the rank four magical beast area . ”

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