The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 589

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Chapter 589

These light fumes quickly invaded the mouth and nose of Feng Yunhai and others, especially their wounds, then it disappeared without a trace .

When Feng Yunhai saw Hexi looking at him, she was instantly frightened by her cold eyes and shivered, “You… you don’t even think of doing anything to me! If I die, you will also be disqualified from the compet.i.tion, and you will even be hunted down by the four major sects . ”

“Xi Yue, you… don’t do stupid things!”

Hexi smiled slowly . Her voice was clear and soft, “I don’t need to do stupid things . Hao Xuan, let’s go . ”

After speaking, without waiting for Feng Yunhai to react to what she said, she and Ouyang Haoxuan quickly left .

Feng Yunhai looked at a little surprise, then he sneered again: What Xi Yue, what Ouyang Family? When I leave the main peak of Breaking Spirit Mountain, I will never let them go!!!


In the dense hills, the breeze blew through the weeds . There were figures fighting behind the weeds .

Feng Lianying pressed her head in pain, finally waking up from the raging l.u.s.t fire .

Her memory slowly recovered in her head . Feng Lianying’s pretty face twisted . Her hands clenched tightly . After a click sound, her well-maintained nail was suddenly broken by her .

She remembered Xi Yue who was almost humiliated and tortured .

Then she remembered Nangong Yu who descended from the sky and rescued Xi Yue .

She remembered Nangong Yu’s ruthlessness toward her .

The Love Devouring Voodoo given by the master was intended to use on Xi Yue initially, but it was actually used on Feng Lianying herself .

Then, her consciousness became blurred, leaving only a pa.s.sionate desire for men .

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In these days, she couldn’t remember anything . She just kept moaning constantly, holding onto men and moving up and down endlessly .

She inhaled and exhaled deeply, then she did it again . Her face was twisting ferociously; her eyes were full of hatred and humiliation .

I am the Feng Family’s miss; the lofty Ice Lotus Fairy; I was actually tarnished by these ugly men!

Such a disgusting and dirty man, I even felt disgusted when he stood in front of me! How could he touch me? How?!!

Nangong Yu, how can you be so cruel and vicious . You gave my pure body to these ugly and dirty men!

No, it’s not Nangong Yu’s fault! All these should be blamed on Xi Yue!

It must be Xi Yue, this b.i.t.c.h who instigated Brother Yu to treat me like this!

“Xi Yue … Xi Yue!” Holding the flying sword tightly, she spoke with a hoa.r.s.e voice as if the voice would be lost at any moment, and the voice was filled with destructive hatred, “I, Feng Lianying swears that I will tear your body into pieces; I must let you fall into disrepute . After you die, your soul will not reincarnate again!! Xi Yue, just you wait!!! ”

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