The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 588

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Chapter 588

He turned his head and saw Hexi standing indifferently . He coughed and walked over as he said, “Uh, thank… thank you!”

Hexi glanced at him and said indifferently, “Feng Family and I already have resentment . I didn’t mean to help you . Thank for what?”

“You–!” Xia Yichen thanked him kindly, but in exchange for Hexi’s lukewarm reply . He was instantly out of breath .

But looking at the beautiful face of the young boy like ice sculptures, he couldn’t say anything terrible .

After all, if it wasn’t for this man, he would be humiliated by Feng Yunhai today . How could he vent his anger?

Before Xia Yichen spoke, Nalan Ziyun, who was also following him, suddenly burst into anger, “Young Master Xi, what do you mean? Second fellow apprentice thanked you kindly . You can don’t appreciate it, but why are you so arrogant?”

“Don’t you know that the people who cultivate immortality should uphold justice? You just now wanted to see us die . Don’t you think you are too cold and selfish?”

Hexi sneered, watching Nalan Ziyun with a cold and sharp gaze .

Her cheap “brother” was really interesting . Each time he made a young and naive look, but the words he spoke imply provocation and irony . He… really got the best of Nalan Zhengze!

Nalan Ziyun’s words were full of indignation . He initially thought he would get Xia Yichen’s understanding .

Who knew that Xia Yichen glared at him and said coldly, “Who asks you to talk now? Go to the side . Don’t disturb me to talk to Xi Yue . ”

Nalan Ziyun’s expression suddenly froze . His hands on his sides suddenly clenched into fists . His gaze revealed a grim light .

Xia Yichen ignored Nalan Ziyun . He just stared at Hexi for a long while, then he suddenly took out the items he ransacked and pa.s.sed over, “Here you go!”

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Hexi raised an eyebrow and looked at him in confusion .

Having said that, regardless of Hexi’s reaction, he quickly greeted the disciples of the Qixing Palace and left the place .

Until Xia Yichen and others went far away, Hexi looked at Feng Yunhai .

Feng Yunhai took back his gloomy gaze from Xia Yichen and others at this time, he stared directly at Ouyang Haoxuan instead .

There was a vicious sneer in the corner of his mouth .

There was not much time left until the end of the Big Hunting Match . When he got out, as long as he told the young master and White Protector about the whereabouts of Ouyang Haoxuan, he believed that it could also be credited to him .

Hexi’s eyes revealed a coldness . She waved her wrists suddenly, and a nearly colorless and tasteless light smoke wrapped Feng Yunhai and others .

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