The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 587

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Chapter 587

“Look, there is nothing to be afraid of the martial artists of the Feng Family! We now will get our revenge . Beat these to their death!”

“Okay! Beat them up!”

The disciples of Qixing Palace laughed loudly, and their momentum suddenly increased . Even in the face of people who were higher than themselves, they showed no fear at all .

On the contrary, the Feng Family’s disciples felt scared when they saw Hexi’s fierce and powerful vibe and Ouyang Haoxuan’s ruthlessness . Even their movement was slowed down

In the blink of an eye, the situation reversed .

And all this was just because of the two moves of the Foundation Establishment stage young man .

Soon, the Feng Family’s people were all tied up by the disciples of Qixing Palace .

Xia Yichen ransacked the storage bags and storage rings of the Feng Family’s disciples . They even removed their clothes, leaving them only a pair of underwear .

Xia Yichen laughed as he watched the embarra.s.sed and furious look when their clothes were stripped off .

“Feng Yunhai, didn’t you just say that you want me to crawl through your crotch before you let me go? Now, how do you want me to let you go?”

Feng Yunhai looked more embarra.s.sed than ever . His clothes had been stripped off, leaving only a pair of tattered pants . Even half of his b.u.t.t was exposed .

His belly was huge . It was full of fat meat . After peeling off his clothes, the fat was piled up, looking white and ugly .

Especially his hair that was scarce, his hair that was entangled with the weeds was torn a lot because Hexi’s made him roll several times on the ground . Now that the middle of his head looked bad which made him look extremely ugly .

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Feng Yunhai was tied up with natural silk . He was so angry that his body fat was trembling . He yelled at Xia Yichen furiously, “Xia Yichen, stop the bullying now! Do you really think our Feng Family is easy to bully?”

Feng Yunhai’s face quickly swelled .

He wanted to scold again, but another slap containing spiritual power hit him again .

Everyone of the Qixing Palace laughed and beat up Feng Family’s disciple .

For a time, there were wailing sounds on the mountainside .

Feng Yunhai finally couldn’t stand the humiliation and pain, he pleaded with tears and blood on his face, “Don’t … don’t hit anymore, I’ll crawl… I’ll crawl…”

Xia Yichen looked at Feng Yunhai who trembled as he crawled through his crotch, and was so proud that the grievance in his chest was clear .

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