The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 586

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Chapter 586

A purple vine was piercing through their chests . The leaves were trembling as they sucked their flesh happily .

The only one who could survive from the vine attack was the only Gold Core Stage martial artist .

But the vine had cut an opening on his throat . He was standing on the spot in horror; he was unable to move .

Before the group was completely sucked into dry corpses, Hexi waved her hand and the vine flew back to her .

Feng Yunhai looked incredibly at the handsome young man standing not far away .

Isn’t this kid only Foundation Establishment stage? Why… why can a single hit make the martial artists at the top of the Meridians stage unable to fight back?!

Feng Yunhai’s complexion fluctuated, and he suddenly took out a yellow talisman from his arms .

This was the Thunderbolt Talisman given by his elder in the family . The full blow of the talisman could even make the martial artists at the peak of the Gold Core stage unbearable .

Feng Yunhai gritted his teeth and spit his blood on the talisman, then he suddenly activated the talisman and rushed toward Hexi .

Xi Yue, this s.l.u.t, make our Feng Family lose face . Now he dares to show off in front of us and spoil our important matter .

I must let this b.i.t.c.h die without a trace in this Breaking Spirit Mountain!

Seeing Hexi’s figure already appeared in front of him, but she still didn’t realize it .

There was a smirk in Feng Yunhai’s eyes, and the talisman in his hand was about to burst open . “You sc.u.m, die now…”

Feng Yunhai’s arrogant shout came to an abrupt end .

He couldn’t believe seeing a little gray-black dragon appearing in front of his eyes .

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The little dragon opened his mouth to him, exposing his white and sharp teeth and grinning with ill intention .

Hexi sneered, lifted her feet, and trampled on Feng Yunhai’s fat belly fiercely .

Feng Yunhai let out a horrible scream like a pig being slaughtered . He flew out like a kite with broken line and fell on the ground .

The blood in his mouth continued to flow, and his dantian was having a burning pain . Feng Yunhai stared at Hexi fiercely . His eyes filled with horror and resentment .

Xia Yichen and others were originally suppressed by the Feng Family’s disciples, but Hexi’s one move reversed the situation all of sudden .

One of the two Gold Core stages of the Feng Family was crippled; one was injured . The injured one is now being suppressed heavily by Ouyang Haoxuan .

In addition, those experts at the peak of the Meridians stage were also crippled by Hexi .

The leader, Feng Yunhai, was even kicked out by Hexi and rolled on the ground like a turtle .

Xia Yichen was particularly happy to see Feng Yunhai suffered a hit . He laughed out loud, “The Feng Family’s disciples only have this little strength . They want to besiege a Foundation Establishment stage kid, but they were beaten up by him utterly!”

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