The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 583

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Chapter 583

Hexi couldn’t help laughing and shook her head . As expected, he was just a child like Shen Qingchuo .

Feng Yunhai who looked embarra.s.sed by Xia Yichen’s words burst into rage . Now when he saw Xia Yichen talking with Hexi, he suddenly turned his eyes and said evilly, “Xi Yue, our miss said you like to seduce a man . She really didn’t wrong you!”

“Look at you, is it not enough to seduce His Royal Highness King of h.e.l.l? You also seduce a Gold Core stage martial artist . Now you even got the grandson of Elder Xia under your crotch, hahahaha… I was wondering why a Foundation Establishment stage boy dares to hunt in the rank four magical beast area, so you found yourself a, ops no, a few lovers to protect you!”

When Feng Yunhai said this, the Feng Family’s disciples behind him burst into laughter .

“Look at his thin skin and tender flesh; his red lips and teeth white . No one would believe that he isn’t a boy toy . ”

“Aiya, such a beautiful boy, even I am willing to keep him!”

“I don’t know if the Young Master Xi is short of lovers? As long as you are willing to sleep with us for a night, we can give you a lot of monster essence pill, hahaha…”

Feng Yunhai was extremely satisfied with the cooperation of his subordinates, then he immediately smiled at Xia Yichen, “Tze tze, Xia Yichen, I heard that you are the only bloodline of Elder Xia, but you are mixing with a man . If you let your grandpa know, do you think that he will chase you out of the Xia Family because you lose the family’s face? Hahaha… ”

“What’s more, even if you are looking for a man, you need to find someone with clean history . This Young Master Xi obviously has several lovers . I think the Gold Core stage next to him is better than you, you Xia Yichen isn’t even comparable to him~ ”

“Hahaha…” Feng Yunhai’s words aroused another round of laughter . “The Gold Core stage brother next to Xi Yue, how does it feel to play with a man? Is it better than playing with a girl? Why don’t you share it with us?”

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Xia Yichen’s angry eyes widened . Eevn his handsome face was distorted . He took out his flying sword as he was going to fight with Feng Yunhai .

“Ahh—!” A short scream sounded, then it disappeared without a trace .

There was a large hole in the man’s forehead . Blood and brain juice were flowing out of it .

The Feng Family’s disciples including Feng Yunhai were stunned by this scene . They never thought that this gentle-looking and handsome man would kill without saying a word . This was totally disregarding the rules of the Big Hunting Match and the ident.i.ty of the Feng Family’s disciple .

The long sword circled back to Ouyang Haoxuan’s hands . He bent his fingers and flicked on the sword, then smiled faintly, “When will the Feng Family people only do the talk? Oh, I forget, when you frame Xi Yue was at the public trial conference, weren’t you guys only doing the talk? However, you guys failed to frame her and lost your own reputation unfortunately… I thought you guys really wouldn’t use this unique skill again!”

When Ouyang Haoxuan said this, Xia Yichen and the people of the Qixing Palace laughed out loud .

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