The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 581

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Chapter 581

Hexi only treated him as a crazy dog ​​barking . Her gaze looking at him was full of unconcern, “It’s strange, Feng Family and Liu Li Sect were so embarra.s.sed . Even their own miss’ delicate body was naked in front of everybody . I thought that the disciple of the Feng Family should at least know how to be shameful and stay at home for half a moon to not see anyone . ”

“Who knows that even your face is lost, the Feng Family still dare to let you guys come out and bark . This is really shameless; utterly shameless!”

Feng Yunhai snorted . He pointed at Hexi and said angrily, “s.l.u.t, you’re looking for death!! You all come here and catch this s.l.u.t, then beat him up badly!”

For a while, the Feng Family’s disciples who were staying around Nalan Ziyun all rushed over .

What made Hexi a little curious was that several of these disciples were actually at the Gold Core stage, but after entering the rank four magical beast area, their strength was suppressed .

When they came over, they surrounded and protected Feng Yunhai firmly in the middle . It seemed that Feng Yunhai’s status in the Feng Family was not low .

Hexi and Feng Yunhai were at daggers drawn, Nalan Ziyun saw the men who had beaten himself fled, then he quickly rushed to a handsome young man not far away and carefully lifted him up, “Third fellow apprentice, are you all right?”

The person who was getting help was Xia Yichen, the grandson of Elder Xia of the Shui Yue Sect .

At this point, Xia Yichen’s mouth was bleeding with blood, and his forehead was a little bruised . He was looking at the crowd in front of him with a sinister and fierce gaze .

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Nalan Ziyun glanced at Hexi, Feng Yunhai and others, and said quickly, “Third fellow apprentice, thankfully Feng Yunhai and his men redirect their attention to Xi Yue . They will not notice us at all for the time being . Let’s go now!”

The fellow apprentices around Xia Yichen immediately felt indignant and said, “Feng Family is going too far . We Shui Yue Sect is also a martial artist sect who is tied with them among the four major sects . Who the h.e.l.l is Fengyunhai? Isn’t he just a not outstanding sc.u.m of the Feng Family? He has been training for more than 50 years, but he is only at the Meridians stage . He actually dares to be so arrogant to our Shui Yue Sect! He really thinks that Shui Yue Sect doesn’t have any powerful person?!”

Nalan Ziyun hurriedly said, “But Feng Family now wants to deal with Xi Yue’s kid . Third fellow apprentice, don’t you also hate that Xi Yue? Wouldn’t it be better to let them fight each other?”

Xia Yichen looked coldly at him for a moment . His eyes were full of contempt . “I do hate Xi Yue, but I hate these of the Feng Family even more and the people who set us up… If I want to trouble Xi Yue, I will challenge that kid upfront . If we use trick to set him up, wouldn’t we lose the face of the Xia Family?”

“Third fellow apprentice is right! How fair is that for us to use dirty tricks . We need to regain our face . We must let those of the Feng Family kneel down and apologize to us!”

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