The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 578

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Chapter 578

Ouyang Haoxuan squinted his eyes and said slowly, “Because my father is the person in charge of this compet.i.tion, I am familiar with the prohibition and enchantment of the Breaking Spirit Mountain main peak . That was why I could escape by chance . Those people seemed to be sure that they could catch me, if it weren’t for the terrifying prohibition of the Breaking Spirit Mountain, I would have fallen into their hands . ”

Hexi frowned . “Do you know why they want to catch you?”

“It definitely won’t be a good thing,” Ouyang Haoxuan sneered . “I heard one of them say that if they can’t complete the mission and they can’t catch me alive, they will be whipped until they get cramped when they go back . ”

Hexi suddenly remembered what happened to Ouyang Haoxuan, and she could not help asking, “Could it be the same group of people who severed your meridians in the magical beast forest?”

“It shouldn’t be . ” Ouyang Haoxuan shook his head . “The person who set me up in magical beast forest didn’t have high cultivation, but the poisons he carried were extremely rare . In addition, he bought my cousin off and conspired against me . I only fell into his trap because of that . ”

“However, whether it is the person who set me up in the magical beast forest or the person who wants to catch me in Breaking Spirit Mountain now, if they think that I, Ouyang Haoxuan is as weak as that day, then I am afraid they will be disappointed . ”

As these words were spoken, the light in Ouyang Haoxuan’s eyes was glittering as if it had a terrifying coldness .

There was a dark and gloomy breath on his entire body . How could he be the facile and graceful young master in Yanjing City .

It seemed that that one year when his meridians were broken still had a huge impact on him .

However, when Ouyang Haoxuan’s gaze fell on Hexi Qingjun’s beautiful face, his original gloomy expression immediately became soft and gentle . “Young Master Xi, let me not talk about it first, you were teleported into the rank five magical beast area by mistake, so you shouldn’t have hunted any magical beasts . I still have some monster essence pills here . Why not I give it to you . ”

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Having said that, without waiting for Hexi’s refutation, Ouyang Haoxuan quickly took out a dozen monster essence pills of the rank five magical beasts and handed them to Hexi .

She couldn’t always tell Ouyang Haoxuan that she got a lot of monster essence pills in the rank five magical beast area right? She should just find anoter opportunity to return this kindness in the future .

When Ouyang Haoxuan originally held Hexi’s small hand, he only felt that her hand was soft and smooth with a gentle and delicate touch .

The slender five-finger figures were like carved from white jade . When he pinched her palm, it felt like her palm was so soft that he couldn’t feel her bone, and he could feel the temperature increase as he touched it .

Ouyang Haoxuan’s heart was rippling as he looked up .

He just felt that the young man’s eyes were bright and gorgeous, and his lips were pinky . His pair of eyes was clear like the river in autumn, and it could s.n.a.t.c.h one’s heart .

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