The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 575

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Chapter 575

It seems that master really loves the princess as himself . Now, he even eliminated Liu Li Sect for the princess in advance .

For the sake of the master’s safety, we still find some ways to protect our n.o.ble princess!

Nangong Yu adjusted his breath for a moment, then got up and looked at the silent Liu Li Sect that only had the smell of blood . He sneered, “Azure dragon, did you clean it all up?”

“Report to the master, I have cleaned it up . There is no survivor . I also let Iron Kirin to clear the traces left by us . ”

Nangong Yu nodded . “Let’s go . I believe that the destruction of Liu Li Sect will give Feng Family a headache for a while . ”

Azure dragon nodded quickly, following the steps of Nangong Yu, and led the Iron Kirin to lurk into the magical beast forest again .

Before leaving, azure dragon couldn’t help looking back .

The big sects who had been surrounded by the fairy air now had only a b.l.o.o.d.y death silence .

On the beams of sect’s hall, several crows had fallen on it . It was like they smelled the rotten smell of the corpse and they were waiting for a meal .

Liu Li Sect, this was the Liu Li Sect, one of the four major gates of Miluo Continent!

They perished silently in the hands of the King of h.e.l.l Mansion .

Azure dragon smiled slightly, turning his head to look at Nangong Yu’s eyes full of fiery and adore . He no longer stopped his footsteps and followed up in a hurry .


The sun rose, the evening of the Breaking Spirit Mountain fades away, and the daylight covered the mountain again .

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All night pa.s.sed, even the recording talisman was burned out, but the outdoor s.e.x party was not over yet .

In the weeds, two or three men were lingering with a woman .

The three men looked disgustingly ugly, but the woman had a beautiful face, but at this time, her original fairy temperament was replaced by l.u.s.t . She was covered with marks that were left by men .

However, she seemed to feel unsatisfied . She kept holding the two men on her body, making hoa.r.s.e moans, and kept saying, “So comfortable ~~ not enough ~~ not enough ~~”

Ouyang Haoxuan recognized the true face of the woman at a glance .

Isn’t that Feng Lianying who wants frame Xi Yue for murdering in Breaking Spirit Mountain Palace?

Hmph! What Ice Lotus Fairy, pretty and innocent jade girl, and the high-profile daughter of the Feng Family, now it seems that she is obviously a shameless lascivious girl .

Several bodies were lying beside Feng Lianying . They were all ugly-looking men . However, at this time they looked skinny as if they were drained by some kind of succubus and turned, and they turned into a dead body .

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