The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 573

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Chapter 573

The Sealed Dragon Sword, which was originally high in the sky, suddenly whistled down and easily parried the elder’s spiral dart lightly .

Immediately, a cold, slender hand strangled his throat, making him unable to breathe .

The elder wanted to sneer . He was a martial artist and even a Nascent Soul stage martial artist . As long as he could absorb spiritual power, as long as his Nascent Soul still alive, nevermind he couldn’t breathe, he wouldn’t die even if his heart stopped .

But soon, he couldn’t laugh .

Because he found that his body seemed to be imprisoned by a cold evil power . All his spiritual power could not be channeled, and he couldn’t even try to channel his Nascent Soul .

But how is this possible? How?

No one can do it, and no cultivation method can do it, even the peak of the Nascent Soul stage is impossible .

No! There is someone in the legend of the Miluo Continent; there is a kind of spiritual power that is the nemesis of all other spiritual powers and cultivation methods .

Dark spiritual power!

The elder’s eyes widened in horror as he looked incredulously at the young, overly handsome man .

How is this possible?! Nangong Yu is only 20 years old! How is this possible?!

This was his last thought, and then a bone snapping sound came into his ear, and his consciousness fell into coma eternally .

Elder Feng couldn’t believe his eyes . He thought that the three Nascent Soul stage martial artists should have the advantage when facing Nangong Yu .

But in just two moves, Nangong Yu actually killed his two fellow disciples .

How can that be?! Isn’t he only the intermediate level of the Nascent Soul stage?

Elder Feng roared hysterically, and hurriedly charged at Nangong Yu with a glazed lamp .

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“Sealed Dragon Sword” was making a buzzing dragon roar . It made a violent hum when it was colliding with the glazed lamp .

“You all die–!!!”

Nangong Yu looked at the old man with a sneer and sarcasm .

Elder Feng’s body figure that was retreating rapidly stagnated . He didn’t know what he b.u.mped into .

Before he had time to look back, there was a sharp pain after feeling a coldness at his back .

Something penetrated into his dantian, and then the force firmly held his Nascent Soul that was about to burst .

The next moment, something that stunned everyone happened .

One Nangong Yu, who was sneering, was standing in front of Elder Feng; another Nangong Yu was grasping his Nascent Soul at his back .

Two Nangong Yu surrounded Elder Feng at the front and back . The Nascent Soul that was about to explode could no longer be active as if it was suppressed by some kind of power .

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