The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 572

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Chapter 572

Nangong Yu looked calm and didn’t answer his words, but he slowly pulled out a cyan flying sword from the storage ring .

As soon as this flying sword appeared, a dragon roar seemed to resound through the sky .

The surrounding azure dragon and others looked difficult as they were originally suppressed by the spirit pressure of Elder Feng, but this dragon roar made them feel ease .

When Elder Feng and others saw the cyan flying sword in the hands of Nangong Yu, they suddenly panicked and shouted in shock, “Sealed… Sealed Dragon Sword, how is it possible?! How could Fenglong Sword be in your hands?”

“Is that … the one who got Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory is you?!”

Nangong Yu didn’t bother the shouts of these people, he just held the cyan flying sword in front of himself and dropped a gentle kiss on the cold sword body .

This was what Xi’er gave him .

That little girl is always duplicity, stubborn and persistent, but in fact, she cares about me from the beginning .

Whether she cured his poison at the King of h.e.l.l Mansion, got angry in the Sealed Dragon Territory because of Feng Lianying, and had a rare and fragile attachment to him in the Breaking Spirit Mountain, it all made him so touched and affectionate .

Soon! Soon, he could return to the little girl, guard her forever, and spoil her! Let her be his wife .

Nangong Yu lifted his head, the pirated version of the “Sealed Dragon Sword” was whistling in the sky . All of sudden, thundercloud gathered and a wild wind approached .

Elder Feng’s face was extremely ugly, but he shouted, “Even if he has the Sealed Dragon Sword, he can’t control the sword now, let alone, we are three people . How can we not win him? Let’s do it together and kill Nangong Yu . The Feng Family won’t treat you unfairly afterward!!”

The two elders of Liu Li Sect regained their consciousness . They immediately took out their magic weapon and charged at Nangong Yu .

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Just before the three men hit him, Nangong Yu’s figure suddenly flickered and disappeared without a trace .

When Elder Feng saw this unexpected change, he felt that a mouthful of blood was stuck on his chest, and his heart was painful like convulsions .

“Nangong Yu, you … you even killed Fellow Disciple Chen . I … I will kill you …”

However, before he finished speaking, Nangong Yu’s mouth again sneered like Shura .

He fluttered, and he appeared behind the gray-haired elder this time .

The elder had been prepared for a long time . His body suddenly glowed with a dazzling red light, and he launched the spiral dart in his hand straight at Nangong Yu .

However, he was fast, but Nangong Yu was faster than him .

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