The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 571

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Chapter 571

They were Liu Li Sect; one of the four major sects in the world .

Everyone was so respectful toward their disciples . They couldn’t wait to kneel and curry favour with them .

Outside the sect, there was a powerful Nine Turn Earth Mysterious Array . There were also several Nascent Soul stage elders protecting it, and there were countless Gold Core stage martial artists .

They never thought that one day, Liu Li Sect would be breached, and the Nine Turn Earth Mysterious Array would be broken .

And they, Liu Li Sect’s disciples, who were always high above, would become a lamb slaughtered by others . When Nangong Yu shouted “kill”, except fear, there was only despair left in them .

People wearing black armor were more like trained soldiers than martial artists .

Their steps were adjusted uniformly, and their move was swift . As soon as they rushed into Liu Li Sect’s gate, they swung their swords and started slaughtering .

That was the King of h.e.l.l Mansion’s most powerful elite, Miluo Continent’s most fearsome army-Iron Kirin .

In just a moment of few breaths, Liu Li Sect was filled with blood . People were mourning everywhere . More corpses were lying on the stairs and the gate . Their blood was staining all the blue stone brick on the square .

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When the three elders who besieged Nangong Yu in mid-air saw the tragic state of their disciples, they were so furious that their eyes were filled with blood . Mad hatred and murderous intention made the spiritual power around them surged out desperately .

Elder Feng looked at Nangong Yu and laughed wildly: “Nangong Yu, you ungrateful dog . We Feng Family let you live previously because we thought that you still have value . If you obediently do your King of h.e.l.l and let Feng Family utilize you obediently, maybe you can live well . ”

“But you just don’t know how to do what’s good for you, thinking that you can compete with the Feng Family with your little strength? Don’t dream! Even if I give up my life, I must kill you this sinister beast here to eliminate the trouble of Feng Family!”

Nangong Yu looked at him quietly without any fluctuation on his face . His eyes were full of disdain, “You want to kill me here? Elder Feng, are you overreaching yourself?”

“You are just at the intermediate level of the Nascent Soul stage . I have now used the Spirit Burning Voodoo to stimulate my potential . I will soon reach the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage . Together with my two disciples’ help, Nangong Yu, do you really think that you can win?!”

Elder Feng yelled . The spiritual power on his body increased even more as time pa.s.sed . “Nangong Yu, I will now kill you . When the Iron Kirin loses the King of h.e.l.l, they will be a bunch of trash . They can only be trampled by our Feng Family, hahaha… ”

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