The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 570

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Chapter 570

“You really thought I was ignorant at that time, so you could use a few lies to coax me? Hehe, or did you tell too many lies that you think they are true?

The bearded elder man called Elder Feng’s face suddenly changed . He stumbled and stepped back, then he spoke in a trembled, “You … you bulls.h.i.t, what enemy? You … don’t simply find a reason for being ungrateful!”

Nangong Yu looked at him coldly like he was looking at a clown . “I originally wanted to let you live a little longer, but you did something that you shouldn’t; you shouldn’t touch the person that I care the most . ”

“Since you are digging your own grave, then don’t blame me for counting the old and new hatred together!”

Elder Feng was trembling under Nangong Yu’s terrifying Shura like eyes, then he screamed, “You … Nangong Yu, do you know the consequences of doing this today? How dare you kill so many disciples of Liu Li Sect . The Feng Family will never let you go! ”

Nangong Yu raised his eyebrows slightly . His handsome face looked extraordinarily fine and charming under the b.l.o.o.d.y sunset . It was a face that could turn people upside down . But at the moment, Liu Li Sect disciple only felt that he was more horrible than devil .

“Feng Family won’t let me go?” Nangong Yu chuckled leisurely, “Then, I will kill you all, and don’t let Feng Family know for the time being, wouldn’t that be fine? Wait until I eliminate Feng Family in the future, you all can reunite in h.e.l.l . I won’t be late to complain to the Feng Family by then!”

The mountain where Liu Li Sect was isolated by Wu Gou’s enchantment; no sound or information could be transmitted .

When Nangong Yu sneaked into Liu Li Sect, he chose the magical beast forest that n.o.body else would ever think of . So, as long as Liu Li Sect’s people were completely killed, it was impossible for anyone to know that Nangong Yu eliminated Liu Li Sect .

“You-you-Nangong Yu, you are going to far!” Elder Feng was so angry that the muscle and beard on his face trembled, then he roared, “You really think that you can destroy Liu Li Sect with you Nangong Yu alone? Stop dreaming! ”

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“We Liu Li Sect is one of the four major sects . Even if you are very talented, you are only at the intermediate level of the Nascent Soul stage . I don’t believe that we can’t beat you if all of us will join forces!”

A cold, bloodthirsty smile evoked at the corner of Nangong Yu’s mouth . He raised his hand that was long, fair and well-proportioned joint .

Then, he waved leisurely, “Kill-!”

It was just a short word, but the mountain shook and the weather changed instantly .

Countless martial artists wearing black armor came out from all directions with a murderous vibe . They were charging at panic Liu Li Sect’s disciple .

Liu Li Sect’s disciple’s face was full of astonishment and fear . Their hands that were holding magic weapons were shaking . The arrays they cast were disrupted . Their eyes were full of disbelief .

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