The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 568

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Chapter 568

As Mr . Liao wanted to say something, he suddenly heard a rustling noise in his ear .

The sound was dense as if it was coming from the ground, and it also seemed to come from the crack in the mountain, then it approached him in a hurry .

Mr . Liao’s body was stiff for a while . He slowly turned his head and looked to the side as if his head was stuck .

Then, he saw a scene that terrified his heart .

Countless bugs emerged from the ground and between the mountain walls and crawled toward him rapidly .

Mr . Liao’s eyes widened in horror . His mouth was widened, then he watched the bugs dig into his eyes, ears, and nose .

“Ahhhh—!“ . The shrilling scream resounded in the deep valley .

Little Golden Dragon covered his ears . He said annoyingly, “You are so noisy, useless thing . When you torture other little girls and boys, don’t you think their screams are good? Don’t you enjoy their look of despair? Why, now it’s your turn, shouldn’t you feel happy and enjoy it!”

The miserable scream lasted for 5 minutes . Those bugs that appeared out of nowhere suddenly disappeared like a tide as if they had received a command .

At this time, Mr . Liao’s face full of biting flesh and blood . He was already out of breath .

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However, the thin spiritual power under the mountain began to enter his body, repairing his fatal wounds . It allowed him to be sober to endure the pain and suffering, but he could not die .

He couldn’t wait to go back to his boss . He was afraid that he would spit out the monster essence pill he consumed for taking another glance at this sc.u.m .

Under the crack, Mr . Liao just felt that the screaming and crying of those girls and boys constantly resounded in his ears .

Then, the ferocious and malicious faces constantly appeared in front of him . Each of them was bruised and crippled . They were stretching out their bone-like claws toward him, asking him to pay his life .

“Ahhh!” Mr . Liao screamed miserably and pa.s.sed out .

However, his journey to h.e.l.l was far from over .

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