The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 567

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Little Golden Dragon smiled, and he looked at Mr. Liao's eyes full of strangeness and excitement, "Boss, please rest a.s.sured. When did I fail to execute the task that you gave?"

"But you are really amazing, boss. Why do you have so many strange medicines on your hand; you have all kinds of herbs."

"I never thought that there would be this drug in the sky … Well, if it were because we can't stay in Breaking Spirit Mountain for a long time, I really wanted to stay here and see the end of this sc.u.m."

Hexi patted his little head, "Stop the flattery. If you want to learn, I can teach you how to configure and use these poisons when I am free."

"Wohoo-Thank you, boss!" Little Golden Dragon flew into the sky delightedly after hearing it, then he dived down from a high alt.i.tude, grabbed the crippled body of Mr. Liao, "Boss, let me find a good place for him to rest. "

Until then, Mr. Liao's eyes finally showed a look of fear. He couldn't understand the meaning of the woman's conversation with her pet, but he knew that he might have a miserable end.

When he was brought into the air by Little Golden Dragon, Mr. Liao couldn't help but shouted in horror and angrily, "Xi Yue, you shameless b.i.t.c.h! It is your honor to let me play. When I'm free, I will turn you into a puppet and let you crawl on the ground like a dog… Xi Yue, if you kill me, my master, Black Law Protector will not forgive you! The Feng Family will not forgive you either!"

Hexi sneered. She didn't look at the disgusting sc.u.m anymore. She turned and walked away: Feng Family, either you die or I die. I am waiting for you.

Little Golden Dragon grabbed Mr. Liao's body and flew to many places. He finally found a mountain crack with a length of hundreds of feet.

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The crack was deep, but it was very narrow. It could only allow one person to pa.s.s. It looked dark and gloomy down there, not even the sunlight could reach. One could know that it was a humid and cold place down there by just looking down.

Then he found in horror that he was stuck in the mountain; he could not move.

Little Golden Dragon hovered in the air and looked down at him. He sighed, "This is really a good place. You can't see the sun, but there is a thin layer of spirit. You can't die even if you want to die. It's so far from the ground, and the mountain crack is so small. Even the magical beast can't get down. As long as I simply set up a soundproof enchantment, I believe that no one will find you here for thousands of years."

Mr. Liao's eyes were full of panic, and he trembled, "What do you … what do you mean? You left me here, what do you want to do? I warn you … if I'm dead, my master will know. My master is an expert of the Nascent Soul stage, he will never let you go!"

"Hahaha…" Little Golden Dragon laughed when he heard it. "You can rest a.s.sured, you will not be dead. My boss has told me that it's too easy for you to die so easily! Do you want to know what boss had sprinkled on you? Hm, you will know very soon!"

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