The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 561

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Hexi's eyes widened slightly. She was astounded as she looked at the bodies entangling each others and the men and woman who moaned from time to time on the screen.

Even though the woman's jade body was tangled with another body at this time; her hair was disheveled; her face was sweaty and looked confused, it was completely different from her usual superior look, but Hexi recognized the person at a glance.

Isn't this … Feng Lianying? And the person tangled with her is … Nie Jinchen?

But this was not the most startling part.

The most shocking thing was that Mr. Liao's seven extremely ugly disciples were all undressed at this time, they were surrounding Feng Lianying with a fascinated look. Some people caressed her skin; some people bit her jade arm; someone kept rubbing against her, showing an expression of enjoyment.

This scene was really inscrutable and disgusting.

Nangong Yu originally pulled out this video in order to vent Hexi's anger, but when he saw the scene, his face suddenly turned gloomy.

He exited from the Boundless Blackmarket immediately. He pulled the girl closer to her arms and covered her face fiercely, "Don't watch!

Nangong Yu felt that he was really out of his mind. He just wanted to stick up for Hexi. Why didn't he realize that the scene was so unsightly, it almost polluted Xi'er's eyes.

The most important thing was that the men were naked shamelessly. How could he let Xi'er see it? Even if he wants her to watch, she can only watch his.

At this time, Nangong Yu was annoyed that he wanted to delete the "live broadcast" in the blackmarket.

Hexi laughed in his arms. He grabbed his big hands, and there was amus.e.m.e.nt at the corners of her eyebrows. "Nangong Yu, you are doing this to stick up for me?"

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Nangong Yu sneered, "Isn't Feng Lianying want your reputation to be ruined? Then I will fulfill her wish. The number of purchases of this video has exceeded 10 million. I believe that the entire Miluo Continent today will know what kind of person the Miss of the Feng Family is."

She knew that this little one exhausted his spiritual power in order to heal the Little Dumb Cow and fell into a coma. Hexi was happy now that he could wake up safely.

But wait, what the h.e.l.l is dad?!

She saw Little Egg turn around and looked at Nangong Yu timidly, then he screamed with a soft child voice, "Dad!"

Nangong Yu's cold eyes showed a hint of warmth, and he nodded, "Come here."

Little Egg turned to look at the astounded Hexi, then he stepped with his short legs and ran to Nangong Yu clumsily.

Nangong Yu took out a lotus-shaped jade, threw it to Little Egg, and said, "Giving you a present."

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