The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 560

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Hexi flickered her eyes. She lowered her head and grabbed his slender fingers to play gently, but she said coquettishly, "Okay, now you're in the inspection period. I allow you to be the boyfriend of Nalan Hexi." Nangong Yu's fingers looked very nice. They were fair and slender, and the joints were clear, making her feel inexplicably secure.


Hexi's cheeks were reddish. She coughed lightly, then she turned her eyes to the other side, "That is, the relationship before the marriage."

Seeing Nangong Yu looking at her in a shock, Hexi's ears became hot. She pretended to be angry, "Why, you don't want to? Even if you don't want to, it is my first time to have a boyfriend …"

Before she could finish, Nangong Yu blocked her red lips. It took a long time for him to release the girl whose cheeks could drip red water, then he got close to her ears and said in an undertone, "As long as it's Xi'er's command, your husband will always listen."

Hexi's face was redder. She glared at him fiercely, then she thought of something. The blush on Hexi's face suddenly faded, and her eyes became colder than the ice sword.

"One more thing, I'll tell you right now. No matter what your relationship with the Feng Family is, and whether the Feng Family has done you a favor, but I will never let the Feng Family go. The shame they have done to me today, I will make them pay back for million times. "

Hexi's eyes stared coldly at Nangong Yu. She thought Nangong Yu would frown and would be put into a difficult situation.

Who knows that Nangong Yu's face showed a pampering smile. He said after a while, "Xi'er, rest a.s.sured, Liu Li Sect and Feng Family will soon disappear. Anyone who tries to hurt Xi'er Man, I will never let go! "

Nangong Yu's words made Hexi startled. She didn't understand what Nangong Yu's words meant.

What does he mean by Liu Li Sect and Feng Family will soon disappear?

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She wanted to ask more, but Nangong Yu suddenly showed a weird smile. He said faintly, "Xi'er, don't you want to see the end of the people who just hurt you?"

Before Hexi had time to ask questions, she listened Nangong Yu smiling slightly, "On the Boundless Blackmarket, there are often people who sell strange things, such as video recording talisman."

"Because of the scarcity of recording talisman, the videos on the blackmarket are often bought and viewed by many people. If the videos are shown to thousands of martial artists, and they are played in real time, then it is even more fascinating and popular.

"What's more, the price I set for this video is exceptionally low. It is only ten yuan crystals. I believe that today there must be thousands of people who buy and watch."

Hexi wanted to ask what kind of video it was, then she saw a light shone in the virtual s.p.a.ce of blackmarket. It was followed by a familiar scene.

In the messy valley, the sun had set, but in the light of moonlight and stars, everything still looked very clear.

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