The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 559

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Nangong Yu held her tightly in her arms and said softly, "Xi'er, I said that you are my wife; you are destined to stay with me in this life. Even if you arrive the end of the earth or the h.e.l.l, I will surely chase you back and take you back to me. Therefore, you will see me forever!"

Hexi's pet.i.te body trembled slightly in his arms, and it took a long time to slowly release him.

The small face was still calm, but those beautiful phoenix eyes were slightly red as if she had just cried.

Hexi, whom Nangong Yu knew, had always been calm and proud. Even if she was drenched in blood, she would never cry.

But this time, she even cried.

For a time, Nangong Yu felt only the inexplicable killing intent and violent circling in his mind. There was more pity that made his heart tightened.

He lowered his head and kissed the girl's dark hair, warm cheeks, and finally stamped on the pink lips.

Unlike in the past, Hexi did not struggle again this time, but she held Nangong Yu's neck and accepted his kiss.

Nangong Yu's pupils shrunk slightly. His eyes was flas.h.i.+ng with incredible ecstasy and excitement.

He pressed the girl's back with one hand and pressed her firmly against him. Their kiss became pa.s.sionate and aggressive.

Hexi instinctively wanted to escape, but how would Nangong Yu give her the chance.

He hooked her fragrant tongue and sucked sweet liquid from her mouth, making every inch of her breath have his taste.

Hexi was in a daze being kissed. She only felt that her body was hot, and her thought was full of the reddish handsome face of Nangong Yu, and the way he descended from the sky and rescued her from the abyss of h.e.l.l.

Whether she wanted to admit it or not, this man had invaded Hexi's closed heart with an overbearing att.i.tude and gentle pampering.

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If she doesn't see him, she will miss him often.

If one day, Nangong Yu betrayed her, then she would castrate him to vent her hatred!

Thinking of this, Hexi no longer hesitated. She hugged Nangong Yu tightly and indulged in his stormy pa.s.sion.

For a long time, the lips were separated.

Nangong Yu's eyebrows were sweet and tender. He gently stroked Hexi's soft hair and whispered, "Xi'er, are you … willing to marry me and be my wife?"

Hexi raised her eyebrows at him. Her eyes were full of cunning expression. "It's not easy to marry me."

"My possessiveness is very strong. I will not allow my husband to have any kind of ambiguous relations.h.i.+p with any other woman. I will never allow polygamy. If I find out my man betraying me, I will probably castrate that sc.u.m!"

Nangong Yu scratched the tip of her nose and chuckled, "Bad girl, I never had any woman before meeting you. There will only be one queen in the future, and I will never look at other women anymore. Is this okay?"

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