The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 553

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"But …" Nangong Yu's eyes looked at Hexi's torn clothes, and he whispered softly, "You dare to touch Xier; you actually dare to touch Xier! How would it be enough to just cut off your four limbs?! "

Nangong Yu's voice has become violent and crazy in the later section of the sentence.

As soon as he spoke, there was a watermelon-sized stone not far away suddenly flying into the air, then it dropped straight down at Mr. Liao's crotch.

All of a sudden, flesh and blood splashed; his pelvic bone shattered, and a crunching sound could be heard.

Mr. Liao was already out of breath. This blow made him scream out of despair again, then he eventually pa.s.sed out.

Nangong Yu picked up Mr. Liao before his eyes slowly fell on the men in black who had been desperately running away.

These men were nearly crawling and rolling at this time. They were running toward the place where Feng Lianying and Liu Li Sect's disciples were at.

As they rolled, they cried and shouted, "Ice Lotus Fairy, Miss Feng, help! Save us!"

Someone also begged for mercy from Nangong Yu, "Master King of h.e.l.l, we are only executing the master's order. We haven't touched Miss Xi Yue, we really haven't! Wuwuwu…"

Nangong Yu hugged Hexi in one hand while holding a sword in another hand, walking slowly toward the crowd.

His posture seemed to be walking in the courtyard. There wasn't any fluctuation in spiritual power, but wherever his cold gaze looked at, it made everyone trembled with fear.

Feng Lianying had been watching him obsessively since the appearance of Nangong Yu. At this time, watching him come holding Hexi, she could not help crying, "Brother Yu, are you going to kill me? I do all this because I love you! "

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"I have been with you for so many years. I always thought that I would be your wife. If it weren't for Xi Yue, you would be my husband; you would love me!"

Before Feng Lianying's words were finished, Nangong Yu waved his sword gently.

A light and ingenious sword strike, but it could shake the earth and bring a strong wind.

The horrible dark coercion shrouded everyone. Under the sword strike, Feng Lianying and her fellow disciples vomited blood.

Afterward, there was another sword slashed through their body and face relentlessly.

Feng Lianying's clothes were cut by the slash, and her body kept having hideous wounds. The appearance of those wounds was very similar to the lash on Hexi's body.

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