The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 552

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"Without entering the inscribed teleportation jade slip of Breaking Spirit Mountain, how can he appear here?"

"The King of h.e.l.l … he … what does he want to do?!"

The fear and horror like the end of the world spread in everyone's heart.

All of them remembered what Ice Lotus Fairy had just said- Xi Yue seduced Nangong Yu; the King of h.e.l.l, Nangong Yu liked and even obsessed with Xi Yue.

What about Xi Yue? Now that Xi Yue was tortured by them…

As soon as Nangong Yu landed on the ground, he didn't even look at these people. He first looked at Hexi.

However, just a glance made his eyes suddenly red. He could hardly conceal the murderous intentions from his body.

Nangong Yu landed next to Hexi and hugged her.

The girl's face was so pale, but her cheeks were abnormally crimson.

The corners of his mouth had some dried bloodstain, and the scar on her lips that was bitten deeply.

Her breath was so weak, and the clothes on her shoulders and arms were torn, revealing her white skin and the ugly whip mark.

Moreover, her spiritual power and breathing became obscured, and her body unnaturally twisted and had a fever. She closed her eyes with a face full of pain and despair.

Nangong Yu carefully held her in his arms. Her hot body temperature was like a soldering iron on his palm, even when he was burned by the spiritual fire, it was not so painful.

The pain permeated into his heart and into his bone.

He carefully put her in his arms to take care of her; he couldn't bear to hurt this little girl.

He was reluctant to leave her, but he was willing to stay away just to protect his girl. However, she was injured to such extent now.

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Besides, when he thought that if he was one step later, what would these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds do to Xi Yue.

Mr. Liao screamed painfully afterward. His body slammed to the ground, and he crawled out to escape.

A second strike sliced through gently.

Mr. Liao only felt a pain in his left leg, then he lost his left leg's sense again.

His face was full of snots and tears, and his mouth just kept crying, "It wasn't me; it really wasn't me; it was Feng Lianying who made me do it! King of h.e.l.l please forgive me; please be mercy!"

The third strike swept through, but this time it was Mr. Liao's left hand and right foot flew out together.

Mr. Liao could no longer cry at this time. The blood on his four limbs kept spitting out.

Nangong Yu seemed to feel that it was not enough. The corner of his mouth even evoked an evil sneer, "Relax, I will keep your life. When Xi Yue wakes up, she will want to torture you personally. If you die so simply, maybe Xi Yue will be angry with me instead!"

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