The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 550

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She dragged her hand so hard that Mr. Liao was caught off guard. She actually dragged away his whip, even Mr. Liao stumbled by the drag.

Hexi's movements didn't stop for a moment. She first whipped away Mr. Liao who was closest to her, then she turned around and whipped at Mr. Liao's two disciples.

The two disciples' cultivation was actually not high. They were summoned by Feng Lianying just because they looked ugly.

Now that they were whipped by Hexi with internal force, they screamed abruptly and fell to the ground.

Hexi didn't dare to stay for a while. Regardless of the surge in the body, she channeled her remaining spiritual power and quickly flew toward the ​​rank four magical beast area.

This was her only chance, and the only chance.

Feng Lianying's hysterical scream came from behind her ears, "Liao Chengfu, you piece of s.h.i.t. I let you torture and play with her. If you let her run away, I want you all to die!"

The rank four magical beast area was in front of her. Hexi was suffering the torments of h.e.l.l inside her. Her vision was blurred, but there was still hope in her eyes.

Just a little bit; it is just a little bit…

However, there was a loud bang in the ear, then a severe pain came from behind her head.

Hexi didn't even have 10% of her power and agility now. Before she could react to it, she was smashed to the ground.

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She spat a mouthful of blood. Her internal organs were so painful as if they were being stirred. However, after the pain, there was the heat wave of l.u.s.t that was even harder to resist.

Mr. Liao's brows frowned, and a bit of uneasiness surged in his heart. Suddenly, he spoke to his disciple faintly, "This girl has a little temperament. If she keeps messing around, wouldn't we not be able to enjoy it? You all go tie up her hands and legs. If she dares to resist, just cut off all her tendons and hamstrings. Miss Feng just wants to see us play with her white jade-like body. I think Miss Feng won't bother whether she becomes cripple."

Feng Lianying laughed immediately when she heard it, "Mr. Liao, the worse you torture her, the happier I will be."

At this moment she was channeling the recording talisman. Looking at Hexi who was about to fall into a miserable state, she just excitedly wanted to laugh loudly.

Mr. Liao's disciple listened to the command and pushed toward Hexi.

Hexi's vision was blurred at this time. The sound in her ears became a noisy and distant echo. The only feeling in her whole body was the burning desire.

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