The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 549

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Chapter 549 Wanton Bullying

However, she was still able to make such a powerful move, and even killed a Liu Li Sect’s Gold Core stage disciple.

This girl’s qualifications and talent seemed to be much higher than Feng Lianying. It was no wonder that Feng Lianying would be so jealous of her.

However, the stronger she was, the more stubborn she was. Would he be more excited and delight to torture her?

Feng Lianying saw Mr. Liao and others stayed still for a long time, thinking that they were also scared by Hexi’s move just now, and she couldn’t help but snort, “Mr. Liao, don’t you know that spiritual voodoo loves spirit the most. This b.i.t.c.h is still fine if she didn’t make a move, but she used the flying sword forcefully. That will only make the Love Devouring Voodoo more active. Can’t you see that she can’t even stand still now? Are Mr. Liao afraid of such a charming and defendless girl?”

Mr. Liao laughed, “Why would I be afraid? Miss Feng, you don’t have to be anxious. We will show you a good show that makes you satisfied now.”

Then, he waved at several disciples and walked in the direction of Hexi.

Hexi’s situation at this time was indeed not good. Her cheeks were already redder than peach, and her eyes were covered with mist.

The things in her eyes seemed to have double shadows. Her vision was shaking so badly.

The fire in her body surged again and again, making her unable to resist that she wanted to tear up all the clothes on her body.

Every inch of her skin became extremely fragile and sensitive. Even if it was just a gentle wind, it made her want to moan and shiver.

However, her pride and her self-esteem did not allow her to show such an embarra.s.sing ugly look in front of the vicious woman, Feng Lianying.

Hexi saw Mr. Liao and several of his disciples coming toward her, surrounding her in the center.

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There were non-stop laughter and heavy gasps from the few black men.

He stared straight at Hexi, kept swallowing his saliva, and sneered, “Baby, did the whipping just now make you happy? Do you want more?”

“Hehehe… don’t look at me with such terrifying eyes. Love devouring voodoo will make the host eager to be abused. You will soon kneel under my feet, lick my toes, and beg me to continue whipping you.”

With that said, Mr. Liao quickly made a second whip which was directed at the clothes on Hexi’s chest.

This whip had barbs. If she was whipped, her clothes would be torn easily, exposing her white jade skin.

The eyes of Mr. Liao and his disciples were all beaming. They greedily looked at the weak girl in front of them who was going to be trampled by them.

However, when the whip waved in front of Hexi, suddenly a slender white hand appeared out of thin air and clutched the whip.

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