The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 546

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Chapter 546 Feng Lian Ying’s Plan

Feng Lianying was startled by his gloomy expression, and she immediately laughed, “Since I specifically asked Mr. Liao to come, the gift that I offer will naturally satisfy Mr. Liao. Why don’t Mr. Liao see it for yourself?

As Feng Lianying spoke, she sneered as she pointed her finger at Hexi not far away.

Mr. Liao’s eyes with horror and death turned slowly as he couldn’t control them. It took a short while before he set his gaze on Hexi.

The next moment, Mr. Liao’s whole body trembled. His eyes widened incredibly.

“Perfect … perfect masterpiece! How could there be such a perfect masterpiece in this world!!”

Mr. Liao’s dead eyes suddenly became extremely hot. It was like a viper staring at his prey. He glanced at Hexi’s body from top to bottom, “Look at the tender skin; the lips that are softer and pinky that flower; and the slim body figure. Ahh… ”

Mr. Liao kept inhaling, but his whole body twitched uncontrollably, then he laughed sinisterly after a while.

It was just that the laughter was less sinister than the previous one, but there was cruel and craziness of a pervert. “As long as I think about stripping away such an exquisite body, put her in a thousand needle cage, letting poisonous snake and ants crawl on her body; listening to her screaming and crying; watching her white skin bleeding. That was really wonderful. I am really fascinated by it!”

“Ah, no, such a perfect masterpiece can’t be damaged so quickly. I want to put a collar on her, drag her beautiful neck, and let her lie on the ground to please me. When I get bored, I will tear off her flawless skin and hang on my bed, hahaha… Just by thinking this, I couldn’t stop trembling with excitement !!”

Mr. Liao said more and more excited, but the disciples of Liu Li Sect couldn’t help but show an unbearable expression.

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Although they were mostly murderous as martial artists, they were so terrifying by the means of torture.

Feng Lianying’s face had a sinister smile on her face. She looked at Hexi’s beautiful face from afar and slowly said, “I said earlier that this person is a gift to sir, of course, I will hand her to you.”

“However, before I hand it over to sir, I hope that Mr. Liao can show me a wonderful show with your disciple.”

She raised her finger as she spoke. Two talismans appeared in her hands. Feng Lianying’s gaze looking at Hexi as if they were poisonous and vicious, but full of pride and excitement. “I have prepared these two recording talismans. As soon as sir made a move, I will record this so that I can send it to others to let them enjoy!”

As soon as Mr. Liao’s eyes turned, he immediately understood the meaning of Feng Lianying.

No wonder Feng Lianying asked him to bring some of his ugly disciples, and she also found some ways to send only the Meridians stage martial artists to the rank five magical beast area.

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