The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 545

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Feng Lianying came into her sense immediately. Looking at Hexi trying to escape, she couldn't help shouting furiously, "Are you all dead? Five Gold Core stages can't even stop a Foundation Establishment stage? If she runs away, you all are better off dead!"

Those five Liu Li Sect disciples' faces were extremely ugly, but they still pursued Hexi due to the fear of Feng Lianying.

Seeing that Hexi was about to pa.s.s the boundary between the rank four and five magical beast areas, a huge spiritual pressure suddenly came from behind her.

Hexi's face changed. Her body suddenly turned in mid-air, and she avoided the fatal blow.

But because of this dodge, two Gold Core stage martial artists appeared behind her soon, blocking her escape completely.

One of the older men had the advance level of Gold Core stage. He held a small blue bell in his hand, making clanging sound. He was the one who made the fatal blow.

He looked at Hexi with pity. He said in an undertone, "Sorry, we don't want to make a move with a woman for you. It's your fault who offended someone you shouldn't…"

As he spoke, the man's small bell was launched again. The martial artists around him also launched their flying sword in cooperation.

Hexi's current strength was only 60% of the original. Of course, she couldn't stop the attacks of two Gold Core stage experts. She could only retreat step by step. Finally, she was forced into the face of Feng Lianying again. She was besieged once again.

Feng Lianying looked at Hexi, who looked fl.u.s.tered being surrounded by Hexi, and she laughed, "Xi Yue, when you showed off to me on that day, when you embarra.s.sed me at the public trial conference, did you think you would have such fate today?"

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"But you can rest a.s.sured that I will not kill you. How can killing you vent my hatred! Not only I will not kill you, but I will also hand you to someone to let you enjoy the ultimate joy. "

But their bodies were exuding a bone-chilling breath, making people couldn't help but s.h.i.+ver.

The weirdest thing was that these people obviously seemed bada.s.s, but they didn't seem to have any cultivation.

When Feng Lianying saw the few people, disgusted expression revealed on her face. Then, she walked up and laughed, "Mr. Liao, I have let you wait for so long at the Breaking Spirit Mountain. I'm really sorry.

The middle-aged man, known as Mr. Liao, lifted his eyelids, then he made an evil laugh, "Miss Feng specifically asked me to come to Breaking Spirit Mountain before Big Hunting Match, saying that you have a gift for me. But I have been waiting in the Breaking Spirit Mountain for eight days. There were some young ladies and young men pa.s.sing by. I really wanted to catch them to have fun. Now, I'm filled up with anger. If Miss Feng's present can't satisfy me, then… "

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