The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 54 – He Is Hell King!

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Chapter 54 – He Is h.e.l.l King!

“Master is in the room, Young Master, please go in.”

Qing Long pushed open the door, following Hexi as they walked into Wan Feng tea house’s private room “Bamboo Ink Stick Room”.

Hexi did a simple calculation, at once one hundred percent certain. The mysterious person that made doctor Xie kneel towards her is exactly Qing Long’s so called “Master”.

Her eyes surged with a gloomy light, her expression showing none of the surprise she felt as she followed Qing Long into the room, yet her hands secretly fastened around a few Invisible Needles in caution.

In the room, there was a young man drinking alone as he sat in front of the window. His head slightly inclined to the side, facing the direction Hexi entered from, the corner of his mouth revealing the trace of a mysterious smile.

Sunset from outside brightened the room with the reddish gold light of twilight. The multicoloured rays softly landed on the man’s long eyelashes, his slender fingers resembling the finest jade. His silver white clothes were embroidered with a pattern of dark magic clouds, and being lit up by the sunset made him seem like a blood soaked fairy, beautiful and dazzling, yet giving off a bloodthirsty demonic charm.

Hexi suddenly halted, her surprised expression was like someone had thrown a huge rock into the surface of a tranquil lake, causing waves to surge forth.

Hexi felt that she was in a terrible situation.

This man is h.e.l.l King? The legendary callous, domineering, and talented h.e.l.l King?

Don’t joke!

This guy is clearly the one who broke into her room a few nights ago. It’s the appearance of a favoured prodigal son, the shameless and virtueless “flower thief” who wanted to eat her tofu[1]!

The man that was leaning against the window saw her shocked expression, like someone seeing a ghost. A touch of understanding couldn’t help but flit across his eyes, his smiling expression evident.

He straightened, beckoning towards Hexi, “It’s been a long time since we’ve last met, Xi Er’s change has certainly made this King really surprised.”

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Xi Er your sister! You’re Xi Er, your whole family is Xi Er!!

Hexi’s expression suddenly sank, her heart extremely depressed.

She didn’t carefully observe Nalan Hexi’s eye colour before, only vaguely remembering they were black, but occasionally, when her mood was stirred up, they will flash with a purple light. However, who would bother to pay attention to the change of a person’s eye colour?

She hadn’t expected to go so far, only to unexpectedly to fail through the lack of a final effort, making it so this perverted man could recognise her.

Hexi took a deep breath, pushing aside the man’s hand that was still clutching her chin, and coldly said, “Your Majesty, h.e.l.l King, indeed has plenty of spare time for his interests, not only breaking into someone else’s home as a gentleman on the roof beams in the middle of the night, even staring attentively at someone else’s eyes to see what colour they are. I wonder if those fans of yours will still want to worship you if they were aware that you’re an addiction craving pervert!”

In a split second the expression on the man’s face showed astonishment, then, unexpectedly, he raised his head and burst into loud laughter.

[1]Usually refers to a man taking advantage of a woman in a s.e.xual situation.

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