The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 538

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Little Golden Dragon was now dying, and Purple Abyss Vine had suffered a fatal injury. If they fell into Feng Yunjing's hands, they would surely be dead.

"Little Golden Dragon, Aunt Little Purple, come back! Wuwuwu…" Little Egg cried and wanted to rush over.

But he was held behind by Little Dumb Cow.

At this moment, a whirl of green light was slowly condensing in the Little Dumb Cow's body. As the light swirled, the green light in the body became larger and larger. At the same time, it kept making whining sound toward Little Egg and Hexi. It seemed to be telling something anxiously.

Hexi stared at him, glanced at Little Dumb Cow, and whispered, "Take care of Little Egg, don't let him go!"

Hexi absolutely didn't allow Little Egg to take a little damage.

As soon as she spoke, Hexi took the Li Shui Sword and flew into the sky, pursuing at the direction of Little Golden Dragon and Purple Abyss Vine.

As she reached mid-air, Li Shui Sword was glaring. She fiercely slashed it at the wraiths.

The pale golden spiritual fire covered the upper layers of Li Shui Sword. In a blink of an eye, it consumed the evil black gas.

However, at the same time, more black gas came out from the Rakshasa Flag, wrapping around Hexi.

Seeing that she was about to be constrained by the black gas, Hexi made an immediate decision and threw Little Golden Dragon and Purple Abyss Vine back to Little Egg and Little Dumb Cow, shouting, "Little Dumb, protect them!"

"Mom — Mom —" Little Egg yelled anxiously behind her.

Feng Yunjing, who was commanding not far away from the Rakshasa Flag, laughed instead, "Xi Yue, so what if you let those two animals out? Aren't you back into my hands again? Not to mention, do you think I won't kill them later? "

As he said, he reached out with one hand that turned into a claw.

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A huge suction pulled Hexi flew toward Feng Yunjing involuntarily.

But the most important thing was that with Xi Yue's practice now, if she really self destructs Li Shui Sword, she would definitely die.

For Feng Yunjing, he hadn't gotten Xi Yue's body, and he hadn't made her his own. How could he let her die like this!

Feng Yunjing made a decision immediately and snapped and beat Hexi's chest while retrieving Rakshasa Flag in the sky to quickly defend himself.

Hexi flew out like a disconnected kite, and blood gushed from her mouth.

However, a slick smile appeared on her face, "Feng Yunjing, do you think I want to self destruct my artifact? Hehe, I just want to die rather than fall into your hands."

Hexi slammed to the ground, but she did not feel the expected pain. Instead, she was held by Little Dumb Cow's plump body.

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