The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 533

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“Rakshasa Flag is an artifact made by sacrificing thousands of magical beasts' wraith. The wraiths in it were all fierce magical beasts that died after a lot of torture and pain. In addition to being unable to resist me, they are very cruel.”

“So Xi Yue, you better don't act rashly, otherwise, your spiritual power will be devoured by these wraiths if it is a minor case, or your dantian will be devoured if it is a serious case.

Hexi did feel the violent tyranny of the wraiths wandering around Dantian.

The icy coldness eroded her body, making her face whiter again, “Feng Yunjing, what on earth do you want to do?”

“Don’t you understand what do I want to do?”

Feng Yunjing chuckled. He suddenly gave her a princess hug. Looking at her delicate transparent face, his scorching eyes were slowly getting l.u.s.tful. “Xi Yue, I want you to be mine. Since you are not willing to follow me, then I will possess your body first … hehe, do you think Nangong Yu will still want you when he knows that you are mine? ”

“Shameless !!!!” Hexi raised her hand and threw it fiercely at Feng Yunjing’s face.

However, her palm just touched Feng Yunjing’s face, then she felt cold and stiffness for a while. Her hand could only drop down helplessly.

Feng Yunjing sneered, “In this world, there is only the law of jungle. How is that shameful? I, Feng Yunjing will get whatever I want. Especially you Xi Yue…”

Then, Feng Yunjing placed Hexi’s body on a flat rock.

Facing Hexi’s angry look that was going to devour people, Feng Yunjing’s hand slowly pressed on her clothes, then he pressed hard with his palm.

Listening only to the tearing sound, the tough and strong clothes were shattered mercilessly. The rags flew gently in the air.

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After the clothes were torn, it revealed a corset vest that exuded spiritual power.

The girl who was lying on the brown-gray rock had a hair like a waterfall. Her dark hair was complement with the crystal clear white skin. Her lips also became more pink and pink because of anger, bringing a sense of enchanting someone.

The girl had only a thin blouse with a slightly open neckline, exposing a delicate white collarbone.

The curve of the collarbone slowly extended below the neckline. It was like a mysterious line that led people to search for a secluded area.

Under the clothes wa.s.s the exquisite body that could no longer be hidden. The graceful body shape with the youthfulness of a girl and the beauty of a woman. Even the best painters couldn't draw such a magnificient scene.

She had smooth and fair skin, and she could make everyone fall for her. Although she wasn't bewitching, she still was still very attractive.

Feng Yunjing’s eyes stared at the delicate girl body like an art in front of his eyes. His voice was exceptionally hoa.r.s.e because of his desire. “Such a perfect body. Did Nangong Yu ever see you like this?”

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