The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 531

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Hearing Feng Yunjing's words and facing his predatory gaze, Hexi's eyes flashed a coldness. She said coldly, "Of course, I will come to… kill you!"

As soon as she spoke, she rose up into the air. She slashed her Li Shui Sword in the air; the edge of the sword was whistling in the air.

Feng Yunjing chuckled and said leisurely: "Do you think you are still in the Smoke Cloud Array? This little trick, I don't even need to use my artifact."

Seeing the sword light trajectories flying toward him like rain, Feng Yunjing's figure suddenly disappeared on the spot.

Sword light trajectories were knocked to the ground and stirred up the dust.

Hexi felt that it was bad through her instinct, then a hand suddenly appeared and caught her hair.

Feng Yunjing's teasing and humiliating voice resounded in her ears, "Xi Yue, which man's hair will be as smooth and soft as you, and it also exudes a faint fragrance. I am addicting to it by just smelling it."

Hexi spun her body, and she immediately extended her hand to cut her hair. She was retreating quickly.

During the struggle, the long hair originally held up with a wooden crown fell down and flew in the wind.

The long black hair paired with a jade face in a palm size made her look so delicate and tender, tempting people to humiliate her badly.

Feng Yunjing also held a cut of Hexi's hair in his hands, looking at her look in long hair. His eyes were full of surprise and l.u.s.t.

He raised his hand, slightly lowered his head and sniffed the broken hair in his hand. His voice became slightly hoa.r.s.e, "Xi Yue, I have never been infatuated with any woman like I am infatuated with you."

"As long as you are willing to be my people obediently, I will let you take the position of the Young Lady of Feng Family. In the future, you will even be the Mistress of Feng Family, holding mighty power."

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Hexi sneered; her face was frosty, "I'm sorry, even if the position of Feng Family's Young Lady is high, I'm afraid I can't accept it. Because I'm so sick of facing you every day!"

Feng Yunjing's face turned gloomy. He transfigured a light ball in his hand, covering the dragon sword shadow that was charging at him.

He sneered, "Xi Yue, don't use this little trick in front of me …"

Before he could finish speaking, Feng Yunjing's expression suddenly changed. His figure stepped back like a phantom.

But he was still a step too late. His gaze seemed to be bone chilling. He reached out and slowly stroked his left face.

There was a long and narrow scar, and there was a spooky purple gas around the scar.

Hexi stood still, panting and holding an inconspicuous dagger in her hand.

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