The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 53 – Hell King’s Invitation

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Chapter 53 – h.e.l.l King’s Invitation

Just as Hexi left East street, she suddenly felt a shudder spread down her back, causing a tingling numbness to roam throughout her entire body.

Her footsteps suddenly halted, and with an imposing expression, she stared at a point not far ahead of her, coldly shouting, “Who?”

Her words were barely spoken when a man dressed all in black slowly appeared in front of her.

This man looked to be about twenty five or twenty six years old. Silver string was used to tightly bind his hair, and he was wearing simple and plain clothes, yet his entire body was emitting a faintly biting cold and imposing aura.

Hexi studied the man’s expression, unaware that the man’s heart was filled with bewilderment.

To think that he is Qing Long, the h.e.l.l King’s number one guard. As an expert in hiding, he had never before made a mistake when tracking an expert of the Gold Core stage, so he never would’ve expected that he could be so quickly found by an ordinary person that lacked spiritual power.

“Who are you?”

When he heard Hexi cautiously question again, Qing Long immediately diminished the imposing manner from his body, cupped his hands, and said, “Young Master please don’t be alarmed, this subordinate has merely come on behalf of my family’s prince to invite Young Master to go to Wan Feng tea house to chat.”

Hexi’s frowned slightly, her cautiousness not disappearing, instead she became colder and strictly asked, “However, I don’t know any prince, isn’t you who are mistaken?”

Qing Long saw Hexi turning around to leave, and quickly moved to block her, “Young Master’s medical skill has reached perfection, how can I be mistaken? I humbly request Young Master to go to Wan Feng tea house.”

Hexi’s eyes flashed with a touch of suspicion, she recalled that doctor Xie was. .h.i.t on two of his vital points with energy, so at that time there was obviously someone hiding and watching them. It was likely that person is this mysterious man’s master.

But, regardless of who, it was of no concern to her. Hexi slightly narrowed her eyes, and indifferently said, “Then if I don’t go?”

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Qing Long’s bright eyes turned cold with a threatening glare, his body emitting a bleak killing intention, “People invited by Master have never not come.”

What sort of handsome appearance, demonically charming temperament, cold nature, and domineering behaviour, would attract countless beautiful women who advanced wave upon wave. All of them are defeated by his looks, while he’s never interested enough to even glance at them. Oh…don’t say he can’t react towards women because he’s a gay?

Hexi suddenly had a little interest in meeting this legend, his Highness, the h.e.l.l King.

Of course, the most important thing is that his strength and influence is so powerful, what kind of things could be in the man’s hands that would make her interested?

Thinking until here, Hexi nodded towards Qing Long, and in an imposing manner coldly said, “Still not leading the way?”

Qing Long staggered, almost causing him to fall. He, Qing Long, is h.e.l.l King Manor’s number one imperial bodyguard, an expert at Gold Core stage, how can he be reduced into becoming a servant by this youth that lacked spiritual power!

He truly wanted to slaughter this arrogant and proud boy!

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