The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 529

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He made a loud cry and shouted, “Bad mom!”

Then he glanced at Little Purple and Little Golden Dragon secretly, they really couldn't deal with the ugly beast.

Little Egg was really frightened this time, thinking that he was really going to “make an engagement”.

Without waiting for Hexi to say anything, he immediately hid into the void, hiding himself in the corner of the Spirit Void Palace. No matter how Hexi called, he just wouldn't come out.

Hexi couldn’t help laughing. She called Purple Abyss Vine and Little Golden Dragon back.

Little Golden Dragon just said that he wanted to help Little Egg to punish the bullier, but he didn’t expect to not touch his opponent at all after a long fight. He was angry and embarra.s.sed, so he hid into the void and didn't want to come out.

The ugly cute little magical beast saw Little Egg disappeared from its sight, and it was suddenly anxious. It kept making "weeping" sound, running toward Hexi and circling her nonstop.

When Hexi drove it away, it stared dumbfounded with its two green bean like eyes. Its eyes even looked foggy, filling with desire and grievance.

Hexi suddenly felt like she was an evil mother-in-law who broke up a destined couple. She couldn't stand being watched by it, so she had to turn and run.

But who knows, the speed of this small magical beast was incredibly fast, and internal spiritual force was extremely powerful.

No matter how fast Hexi was, it could actually keep up.

Besides, it wasn't making any noise along the way; it was just weeping. When Hexi was busy fighting with a few magical beasts, it would even come to help Hexi disrupting those magical beasts.

Because this small magical beast had been following Hexi, Little Egg had been hiding in the void for a while and refused to come out. Little Golden Dragon and Little Purple naturally stayed in the void to accompany him.

Poor Hexi now had to fight magical beast alone. After defeating the magical beast, she had to send the cooked food into the void for the three little kids to enjoy.

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On the contrary, this stupid little magical beast, although foolish, it was particularly well-behaved. It would even help Hexi to fight the magical beast.

The time of Big Hunting Match was one month in total. After one month, the teleportation circles in various places would be activated, which also indicated the end of the compet.i.tion.

This was Hexi’s seventh day in Breaking Spirit Mountain, and at this time, her rank five magical beast essence pill in the storage bag had reached a terrifying amount.

As he went deeper and deeper into Breaking Spirit Mountain’s side, Hexi encountered more and more magical beasts, and they were relatively more brutal. But strangely, she didn’t encounter any martial artists who also came to the compet.i.tion.

On this day, she killed three rank five golden leopards in one breath, and the spiritual power in her body was almost exhausted.

Just after taking a sip of Nine Ghost Springs, she was planning to meditate with her knees crossed. However, Hexi’s heart suddenly came a hint of annoyance.

It was just that before Hexi could react to the unknown feeling, a strong spiritual power suddenly shrouded her.

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