The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 527

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Not sure if it was because they were so fierce that even the magical beast that lost its mind also felt threatened. There were no more magical beast appeared in front of them.

Little Egg was very unhappy as he didn't eat any fresh magical beast's meat for three days.

Suddenly, Little Egg's keen eyes found a magical beast with odd shape not far from them.

The most important thing was that this magical beast's size was similar to him, and the magical beast didn't have strong coercion at all.

Little Egg immediately became excited. Although she followed Little Purple and Little Golden Dragon to fight magical beasts every day, in fact, he was terrified when the magical beast appeared. He didn't dare to fight at all; he could only cheer and observe by the side at most.

Little Egg always thought that he was the most powerful child of his mom. Since his mother was so powerful, how could he be so useless?

Therefore, despite Little Egg having a full stomach these few days, he still felt sad in his heart. – I also want to fight a magical beast alone; I want mom to look at me differently!

He didn't dare to fight big magical beast, but now there was a small magical beast for him to fight at least so that he could show off this time!

Therefore, Little Egg was delighted when he saw this magical beast with odd shape.

Such a small beast without a powerful spirit pressure, this beast was tailored for him!

Little Egg glanced at Hexi and Little Golden Dragon, who were meditating with their eyes closed, and then snickered twice, approaching the little magical beast secretly.

When he was only two steps away from the little magical beast, Little Egg pounced on it excitedly. “Caught you-!”

However, the expected scene where the little magical beast was struggling after being subdued by him did not appear.

Little Egg fell to into the lawn. He was so painful that his pig nose and mouth were wrinkled.

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The magical beast turned around and saw that a pair of small green bean-like eyes were looking straight at it not far away. The ugly nose was even moving up and down as if it had met something that made it excited.

Seeing Little Egg's four feet were on the ground, sprinting at full speed toward her. He cried as he sprinted.

Behind Little Egg was a similarly short-legged magical beast. It was grunting white gas from its mouth, and a pair of small eyes like green bean were particularly shiny.

Little Egg's speed was considered to be extremely fast, which was like a lightning, but the magical beast's speed was actually faster than Little Egg.

Without waiting for Little Egg to run back to Hexi, it leaped and thumped the egg to the ground.

Hexi’s face changed. As the Li Shui Sword in her hand was about to strike, she was shocked by the scene in front of her.

She saw that not only the magical beast didn't bite Little Egg, it even climbed onto Little Egg. It kept licking Little Egg's stomach and face.

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