The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 523

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The inscribed jade slip was distributed quickly, and the middle-aged man didn’t waste any more time in the same place, rushing to his house in a hurry.

As soon as he opened the door, he felt a scent of fragrance coming out.

In front of him was a beautiful woman in white fluttering clothes sitting in the room. A pair of beautiful eyes were looking at him earnestly.

The middle-aged man suddenly felt that all his blood was flowing to the lower body part. He quickly entered the room, closed the door and rushed toward the woman.

Embracing the woman’s soft and tender body in his arms, the middle-aged man was excited. He was about to kiss on her pink lips.

The woman covered his mouth instead. She said coquettishly, “Why are you so in a rush? Did you finish?”

“Ice Lotus Fairy, you promised me that as long as I give the inscribed jade slip you gave to that kid, you will let me do whatever you want. You can’t renege!”

The middle-aged man’s eyes were full of l.u.s.t, and the hands that were hugging Feng Lianying were already moving around, stroking her body.

Feng Lianying’s eyes flashed a strong disgust and murderous intention, but her face still had a coquettish expression. She pushed his chest and complained, “How can I renege, as long as you really help me get things done, I’m all yours. You can do anything to me. But … “

Feng Lianying glared at him, “But you have to let me know whether you help me get things done right?”

The middle-aged man laughed out loud, “When will I, Li He be talking nonsense? Don’t worry, I’m sure I gave the inscribed jade slip you gave me to the boy with the last name Xi, and I saw her hand was punctured. There was even blood dripping on her hand.

Feng Lianying showed a burst of excitement in his eyes as she heard it.

Xi Yue, that s.l.u.t’s hand was punctured. It means that the love devouring voodoo has entered her body. Hahaha … I would like to see how miserable this s.l.u.t will die this time.

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After the middle-aged man spoke, he stretched out his hands into Feng Lianying’s clothes. The mouth with bad breath even kept messing around Feng Lianying. “Baby, since I have done the matter for you, you have to keep the promise and let me do whatever I want! “

Feng Lianying transfigured the water spiritual power and washed herself fiercely in the places he licked, then she looked at the dead middle-aged man with a sneer. “You want to take advantage of me? Why don't you take a look at how cheap are you? Are you worth to get me?"

Feng Lianying’s words let Nie Jinchen’s eyes look cold, his gaze swept around Feng Lianying’s exquisite body, his eyes slowly burning with a hot flame.

Feng Lianying saw Nie Jinchen standing beside him stupidly, and she couldn’t help feeling angry. “Don't just stand there! Can’t you clear it up for me!”

This middle-aged man was a martial artist of Shui Yue Sect, and he also had a Gold Core stage.

If anyone knew that he died in Feng Lianying’s hands, it would be very bad for the Feng Family.

Feng Lianying’s tone was full of dominance as if she was commanding Nie Jinchen as a dog.

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