The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 517

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However, He Xi knew that Ouyang Haoxuan had completely changed his disposition after experiencing major changes when she saw his eyes.

Although he was smiling, his smile was never fully genuine. He was modest and respectful while socializing with other martial artists, but he always kept his distance from others.

Only when Ouyang Zhixiong called him, his eyes were then filled with sincere warmth, "Haoxuan, I have given the 'traction stone' to Genius Doctor Xi. If he faced any difficulties in the Big Hunting Match, you must go and help her."

Ouyang Haoxuan looked at He Xi, his careless expression had become full of grat.i.tude. His gaze was sincere and his voice was as serious as though he was taking an oath, "The life-saving grace of Genius Doctor Xi, Haoxuan will dare not forget. Please call me if you have any request in the Big Hunting Match."

Before He Xi could answer, she suddenly heard Shen Qingchuo's anxious voice, "Young Master Xi, I… I can await your call anytime too."

It was unknown when this little girl approached her. She handed a piece of charm paper over with a blushed face, "Young Master Xi, this is the charm commonly used by the Qingxia Sect for communication. You… When you enter, you could look for me anytime if there's any problem. I… I have a cultivation base of the Meridians stage, maybe I could help you."

"Even if my cultivation base is insufficient, there are a lot of experts in the Qingxia Sect. Young Master Xi, you… you don't have to ask for help from others!"

As she spoke, she glanced at Ouyang Haoxuan with hostility: This person is so nasty as he actually gets to please Young Master Xi before her. This makes her act of giving out charm seems like a belated effort.

Ouyang Haoxuan took a sip of the spirit wine with a faint smile and didn't speak.

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Shen Qingchuo was getting angry as she saw his expression of despising her. Just when she was about to continue speaking, her head was suddenly patted heavily by someone. She heard her uncle, Shen Sen's voice with a mocking tone.

Her voice was faint but it had a strange soothing power, "Thank you for your kindness, Miss Shen. I'm keeping this charm and I will contact you if necessary."

Shen Qingchuo was wild with joy when she heard it. Her small blushed face which was hanging low nodded heavily.

Shen Sen rubbed his niece's head gently, causing a protest from Shen Qingchuo. He then said to He Xi, "Xi Yue, you have to be careful this time. I'm afraid the people in the Feng Family are going to harm you. But…"

He suddenly switched the conversation. He looked at He Xi with admiration and confidence, "However, don't you worry too much. The Breaking Spirit Mountain is separated by strong arrays and restriction barriers; high rank martial artists and low rank martial artists will be sent to different areas respectively."

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