The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 516

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However, He Xi, who should have been unknown to the public, had become the focus of attention in this banquet.

Not only because of her reversal in the hall or her close relations.h.i.+p with the Qingxia Sect made them admired her, but also because of the medical skills and methods displayed by the teenager in the images.

Although this young man named Xi Yue had yet to reach the doctor rank, it would be easy for her to get the t.i.tle of a fourth rank doctor if she wanted to.

However, there were some people who actually recognized that Xi Yue was exactly the young master that appeared in Shengde Hall.

Many martial artists believed that there must be a grand-master level pill refiner behind Xi Yue when they thought of the best quality pills sold by Shengde Hall and his legendary skills in the images.

This suspicion turned into shock when they saw General Ouyang walking towards He Xi and greet her with a toast.

Everyone knew that the only son of Ouyang Zhixiong, Ouyang Haoxuan's muscles and tendons were once all fractured; he lay in bed for two years. Doctor Nalan and the elders of the Doctor's a.s.sociation were all powerless to do anything.

But just a while ago, Ouyang Haoxuan was suddenly healed by someone. It was rumored that the healer was a young man with a naive appearance.

In this case, the young man who healed Ouyang Haoxuan's fractured muscles and tendons was actually this person in front of them, Xi Yue!

How superb did Xi Yue's medical skills have to be?

Ouyang Zhixiong said to He Xi guiltifully, "Genius Doctor Xi, I really didn't know that was the way they would treat you. If I were there…"

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"Please don't mind, General Ouyang." He Xi took a sip of wine and smiled lightly, "The Feng Family already knew my ident.i.ty and my relations.h.i.+p with the Ouyang Family, so they would naturally send you away before doing such things."

In addition, although the Big Hunting Match did not prohibit s.n.a.t.c.hing between martial artists, the conventional rules were: High rank martial artists must not attack low rank martial artists; no killing in the Big Hunting match or one would be hunted down by the four major families across the continent.

He Xi accepted the black stone handed over by Ouyang Zhixiong. She nodded smilingly and put it into her s.p.a.ce.

Even if she entered the Breaking Spirit Mountain, she would definitely not seek help from Ouyang Haoxuan. However, He Xi decided to accept General Ouyang's kindness at the sight of his guilty expression.

Meanwhile, Ouyang Haoxuan who had finished socializing also came over. He wore moon white brocade robes and his hair was bound by jade crest; he looked handsome.

The obscure dark complexion from that day when he was in bed had disappeared from his face. Instead, he appeared to be das.h.i.+ng and spirited which caused numerous women who were present to lock their eyes on him.

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