The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 515

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He Xi smiled faintly, "Nalan Ziyun, hehe… I have kept it in my mind. "

Having said that, she quickly walked out of the hall without stopping.

Shen Qingchuo was not willing to be apart from He Xi. She grabbed Shen Sen to catch up with He Xi when she saw He Xi leaving.

When Shen Sen pa.s.sed by Feng Yunjing, he couldn't help but smile gently, "Young Master Feng, your complexion seems bad. Is there any problem with your body?"

"I remember Young Master Feng has just said that Shen Family's reputation will be dragged through the mud for s.h.i.+elding a murderer. I'm wondering how would Feng Family handle a murderer who has killed numerous people? Young Master Feng better not disappoint everyone."

After saying these words, Shen Sen got into a great mood. He quickly walked out of the hall following the grab of his little niece.

Regardless of how the Feng Family is going to handle Feng Lianying, in the end, the Feng Family has lost all their faces this time. Particularly in front of every major sect and family, they may not be able to gain any ground for a long time.

This boy Xi Yue is really wicked. He obviously possessed such important evidence, but he only took it out at the end after watching their well-rehea.r.s.ed performance for a long time.

That was quite a slap in the face. People in the Feng Family may still feel the pain in their faces whenever they see a Fixing Charm in the future. Hahaha…

He Xi walked out of the hall, but she wasn't smiling too much.

It was because she knew that she would be unlikely to escape the consequence of paying with her own life, if she was the murderer of Shangguan Rui.

However, if the murderer of Shangguan Rui was Feng Lianying, she would lose some faces and be condemned by the public at most. Essentially, she would not be punished too heavily.

This was Miluo Continent, a world where the fittest survived and strength determined everything.

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The so-called axioms and justice were written by the strong. As long as you were not strong enough, you only deserved to be bullied by others.

Therefore, he communicated with He Xi through a talisman. He told her that he possessed the fixing charm that could expose Feng Lianying's conspiracy and asked if He Xi wanted to put it out immediately.

However, He Xi stopped him and let Xi San widely spread the "merit" of Feng Lianying in Yanjing City instead. She also asked Jiang Huai to send the fixing charm over to herself through the blackmarket.

She wanted Feng Lianying to be held high before falling down heavily. Otherwise, how could this shameless woman be hurt and frightened from the fall?

Unfortunately, even if Feng Lianying's reputation got any worse, as long as she is still the daughter of the Feng Family, it is impossible to stop her from reviving. She would also not let me off so kind-heartedly.

Soon, it was the afternoon. The opening ceremony of the Big Hunting Match was held routinely.

It was actually a very simple opening ceremony; it was a characterless banquet with songs and dances.

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