The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 514

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"Ah, ah, ah!" Feng Lianying screamed. Her eyes turned white and her body fell back weakly. Eventually, Nie Jinchen held her in his arms.

Despite their efforts to suppress it, the people in the hall couldn't help but discuss softly in high spirits.

This final bonus scene was thrice as good as the images of the Hundred Herb Mist just now.

No one expected the Ice Lotus Fairy who seemed pure, n.o.ble and unapproachable was… such a debauched woman in private. Tut-tut, it was really unexpected!

Although the young and innocent Shen Qingchuo had seen this scene earlier on, she had only slightly seen what was happening as it was far away after all.

When she saw such an explicit scene at such close range, she suddenly screamed in shock and covered her eyes. She was also shouting with her clear voice, "Shameless! People in the Feng Family are really shameless!"

She also held the hands of his uncle and other senior brothers as she spoke. She grumbled, "All of you are not allowed to look at it too. Beware that you might get sty after looking at it!"

The senior and junior brothers from Qingxia Sect were all looking at her with pampers. They felt exalted at the same time. 

They all remembered how overbearing the Feng Family and other sects were against them.

The Qingxia Sect was the strongest in terms of comprehensive strength amongst the four largest sects; its disciples had always had strict self-discipline and possessed fine untarnished reputation. It had never faced such grievance.

Fortunately, this honest Young Master Xi feared no gossip and finally proved his innocence.

This slap in the face was believed to cause the Feng Family and Liuli Sect unable to recover for a few month's time! Hehe, this felt so refreshing!

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He Xi smiled lightly and flicked the remaining charm ash off her hands. She said clearly, "So? There should be nothing that I'm concerned with now. If there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

"After all, one of them is your biological brother who came from the same mother as you. Or was it that you intend to let the culprit who killed your brother off if it was a different murderer?"

The Crown Prince's face turned pale when he heard her words.

Nalan Ziyun yelled softly, "How dare you? What do you think you are? How can you comment on whatever decision His Highness the Crown prince is going to make?"

"I also saw in the images that you clearly have the ability to cure the disease and save them, but you made the martial artists exchange it with magic weapons and medicinal pills. Is this the integrity of a doctor? Even if you are not a murderer, you don't deserve to be called a doctor!"

He Xi curled the corner of the lips up even more and her gaze slowly swept from his head to his feet. She finally sneered after quite a long time, "Oh! Is a doctor who goes back on his words considered a good doctor? A doctor like Nalan Zhengze who declined the marriage because he couldn't cure someone's muscle and tendon fracture."

Nalan Ziyun was stunned by her words. His expression was not well and he was speechless for quite a long time.

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