The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 512

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A sly smile crept around the corners of He Xi's mouth, "Indeed I have nothing to say. However, I didn't say that there wasn't any evidence for you to have a look at."

As soon as the words came out, everyone in the hall looked at each other in surprise. They were wondering what had she got up her sleeve?

Seeing He Xi's expression, Feng Yunjing instinctively felt a bit of uneasiness.

He asked the guards who came over deeply, "Why are you still dazed? Do you really slow down just because he asked you to?"

Those guards finally came to their senses. They were about to rush towards He Xi.

However, a light golder fire lit up out of a sudden. Immediately, a playing image emerged in the void area located in the centre of the hall.

As soon as this image appeared, the people who knew about it exclaimed suddenly, "I know it. It's… It's Fixing Charm. It can record scenes which the eyes see into the charm. This is a very rare charm; the record time gets longer as the level gets higher."

A medicinal field was currently played in the jade slip; there were high-level spiritual plants growing in the medicinal field. A group of martial artists were rushing towards the medicinal field frenziedly, picking and devouring the plants desperately.

Shangguan Rui and the two testifying guards were three of the many who were rushing in.

Feng Lianying's face turned pale immediately when she saw the image in front of her and heard the discussion of the surrounding people.

She rushed over almost instinctively, trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the half-burnt charm from He Xi.

However, she was quickly stopped by Shen Sen, "What's wrong with you, Miss Feng? Do you feel unwell? Even if you feel unwell, you don't have to throw yourself at Young Master Xi."

Shen Sen was pressed hard by Feng Yunjing and members of every major family. He was very furious but had nowhere to let his anger out.

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Now that he saw He Xi took this thing out, it was clear that the situation took a favourable turn.

"Hmph, I think you must be having a guilty conscience! Also, how have I never heard that things carved in the Fixing Charm can be forged? I would like to have the Feng Family forged a fake one for me!"

Shen Qingchuo's anger was nothing less than Shen Sen's; she was also worried about He Xi.

She was extremely disgusted by this pretentious woman who slandered Xi Yue. She really didn't know why there were so many senior brothers in the faction admired her like a G.o.ddess.

She was obviously an affected woman who was extremely feigned all over!

Looking at her losing herself now, Shen Qingchuo guessed that they must have been working together to slander Xi Yue. She immediately became excited.

Feng Yunjing's expression was not much better than Feng Lianying's. He had never expected that.

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