The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 507

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Chapter 507 Paranoia is an Illness, Get Treatment

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"If it weren't for third brother's kind character advising me not to use my princess status, I would've properly taught him a lesson that day."

"Now knowing that, even third brother's kindness didn't make him feel grateful. Unexpectedly, he even plotted to murder third brother in Sealed Dragon Domain. Wu wu wu… If I had known earlier, I would've had the guards capture this youngster. That way, third brother's life wouldn't have been harmed."

After Princess Zhenyue [1] finished, those several guards immediately agreed with her words.

She had taken the conflict between herself, Shangguan Rui, and Hexi and added oil and vinegar [2] to the tale.

When Shangguan Wenji heard the princess, he immediately became angry and sternly said to Hexi, "Do you have anything to say Xi Yue?"

Hexi sneered, "Everything has already been said by you guys, what else can I say?"

"You dare say that my Huang'er and guards are lying?"

Hexi indifferently replied, "More or less!" 

Immediately, Shangguan Wenji loudly said, "In other words, from that time on, you harbored bad feelings for my son. So in Sealed Dragon Domain, you seized the chance and murdered him?"

A laugh appeared on Hexi's face and she looked at Shangguan Wenji with the same gaze she would hold toward an idiot, "Your Majesty, how come I feel you've reversed the story?"

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"Shangguan Zhenyue said it herself. That day, the people who had been humiliated were herself and the Third Prince. What bad feelings do I have?"

At this moment, Feng Lian Ying, who had been sitting beside Feng Yunjing, suddenly stood up and softly said, "Xi gongzi, your cultivation is higher than Zhenyue meimei's. How can you speak so overbearingly toward her? Don't tell me that you only know how to bully weak women?"

"Let along to say, I've known Yu gege for many years, he once mentioned me to you. You're nothing more than a lowly doctor's attendant in Ming w.a.n.g Manor. How can your ident.i.ty compare to Zhenyue gongzhu and the Third Prince's? How could Ming w.a.n.g Manor's Butler Nan block the Third Prince and gongzhu from entering but allow you?"

As she was speaking, she wore a rebuking expression on her face. Lightly, she said, "Even if you wish to show off slightly and stir up rumors, you shouldn't slander Ming w.a.n.g Manor's butler in the process."

[1] Zhen Yue switched to Zhenyue [2] oil and vinegar – she's added extra details/exaggerated what actually happened

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