The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 505

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Chapter 505 Public Trial

Without waiting for the Ice Lotus Fairy to refute, Hexi's voice turned cold and she slowly said, "Feng Lian Ying, didn't you say you had evidence in your hands? Please take out your evidence for everyone to see since you're so sure that I killed Shangguan Rui. I'm also curious. How exactly did I kill the Third Prince?"

"You think I don't dare?" Feng Lian Ying shrieked, "Just wait until I bring the evidence out for everyone to see. That way, everyone can see your true colors…"

"Since it's like this," Shen Sen suddenly interrupted Feng Lian Ying and heavily said, "Wouldn't it be better if we let Shangguan Wenji (Jin Ling's emperor) come and conduct a public trial? What does Feng Lian Ying think?"

Feng Yunjing's eyes turned gloomy. He turned to Hexi and slowly said, "Xi Yue, you need to clearly think this through. If the public trial finds you guilty, you'll forever carry the crime of being a murderer. It would be impossible to have the status of a doctor on Miluo Continent after that. If you obediently admit your crime now, perhaps I can plead leniency on your behalf and let you leave Jin Ling Country and practice medicine and saving others elsewhere.

It was common for martial artists to kill others, but as a doctor, if you gained the reputation of killing others with your medicine, then you would be spurned by most martial artists. 

Hexi sneered, "I don't need Young Master Feng's fake kindness. I'm genuinely curious, how are you guys going to press such a crime on my head? This is something your Feng family is the best at, I don't know how. Fortunately, I can master it today."

When Feng Yunjing heard her, his face instantly darkened and the little bit of tenderness left in his eyes instantly vanished and was replaced by coldness. He then coldly scoffed, "Since you want to court death, don't blame us."

After warning her, he turned toward Shen Sen and faintly suggested, "Since it's going to be a public trial, how can just having Shen family and our Feng family be enough? We should call upon people of Qixing Palace, Moon Water Sect's elders, and the representatives of other large sects here at the hunting compet.i.tion. Everyone should come over and see the results."

Seeing the steadiness and determination to win in Feng Yunjing's eyes, Shen Sen slightly frowned.

Could it be that Feng family really had evidence on hand? If it was truly so, then if Xi Yue was convicted in a public trial in front of the four big families, Xi Yue would truly be unable to free himself and Shen family would also be implicated.

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Shen Sen didn't have time to respond before Shen Qingchuo loudly said, "If it's a public trial, then so be it! There isn't a shadow of fear in Xi gongzi's body. As long as he hasn't done it, our Shen family will support Xi gongzi to the end!"

He was definitely Jin Ling's emperor. In front of ordinary people, he was able to command the impressive aura that an emperor should have.

But, Miluo Continent's martial arts world had more strength than he did. In front of the aristocratic families and large sects, he was unable to find even the courage to speak a few words. Especially the fact that he was currently sitting in front of the biggest and most famous four sects of the martial arts world.

On either side, there was the elders of the those four sects sitting there. Each of the elders were at Nascent Soul stage.

The first elder sitting to his left was Qing Xia Sect's Shen Sen and the first elder sitting to his right was Liu Lu Sect's Feng Yunjing.

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