The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 504

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Chapter 504 Meddling In Others’ Affairs

Once those words were said, Feng Lian Ying's face switched from green to white in a flash.

The martial artists crowding around them let out a roar of laughter when they heard what was revealed.

Naturally these martial artists had heard of what happened, but none of them took it seriously, thinking it was someone else who made up a story to frame the Ice Lotus Fairy.

But, now that they heard it directly from Shen Qingchuo's mouth, they now believed the rumor seventy to eighty percent.

Only because Shen Qingchuo's face and voice still held the same innocent and shy charm of a child's. To everyone, it felt like Shen Qingchuo would never speak lies just to slander someone.

"Elder Shen, are you allowing your niece to be a troublemaker in order to stall for time and protect Xi Yue, that murderer?"

A deep voice sounded out, instantly suppressing everyone else's voices in the hall.

When everyone heard Feng Yunjing coldly say those words, they immediately quieted down out of fear.

Shen Sen sneered and didn't make any motions to back down, "Young Master Feng keeps repeating how Xi Yue is a murderer, but I've yet to see any evidence be taken out. I still say that you're framing someone!"

After saying so, Shen Sen turned his attention toward Hexi and asked, "Xi Yue, did you kill the Third Prince?"

Hexi unhesitatingly answered, "No."

Shen Sen peered deeper into her eyes and only saw that they were clear, but he did notice a flash of cold light flashing through them.

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She openly welcomed his gaze and didn't show any motions to shrink back or dodge it.

Shen family's power was equal to Feng family's. Feng family and Feng Yunjing were both were unwilling for the two families to fall out just for an insignificant Xi Yue.

He just didn't understand why the grand Shen family would actually go head to head with Feng family for a single low-level, Foundation Establishment stage martial artist.

At this moment, Feng Lian Ying couldn't hold herself back anymore. Facing Hexi, she began to sternly reprimand her, "Xi Yue, you're still acting so shameless? Clearly it's a sin you committed yourself, yet you actually have the face to allow Shen family's people and Chuo'er meimei to rush forward for you?"

"If you still have some conscience, quickly admit to your wrongdoings. If not, when the evidence comes out and everyone knows you're a murderer, you'll greatly affect Qing Xia Sect's reputation. Don't tell me you actually want this outcome?"

Hexi, who had been silent all along, finally raised her head when she heard Feng Lian Ying's words. Facing her, she offered a smile that wasn't a smile and said, "O? Who was it exactly who killed Shangguan Rui? I believe that Ice Lotus Fairy and Young Master Feng are the two most familiar with that, no?"

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