The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 503

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Chapter 503 Her Fiancé?

But, there was no need to hurry, soon this person would become his own.

Fen Yunjing's eyes swiveled over to Shen Sen as he faintly laughed, "The evidence clearly shows that Xi Yue killed the Third Prince Shangguan Rui. Isn't Elder Shen worried that the reputation of Qing Xia Sect will be affected if you continue to shield him and obstruct the imperial guard?"

"You're telling lies!" Before Shen Sen could respond, Shen Qingchuo angrily yelled out, "Where's the proof? Just then we asked that imperial guard to bring out proof, how come he can't take it out? Moreover, even if you have proof, I'm certain that you framed Xi Yue!"

"Chuo'er, don't be rude." In one motion, Shen Sen pulled his niece back.

Feng Lian Ying, who was standing behind Feng Yunjing, cast a loathing glare in Hexi's direction before turning her head to face Shen Qingchuo with a soft smile painted on her face, "Chuo'er meimei, you can know someone for a long time without knowing their true nature. You must not allow yourself to be tricked by this Xi Yue's outward appearance."

She stepped forward two steps, her body moved like she was moving clouds and flowing water, giving off the appearance of an immortal. On her face, she wore a mild and affable smile that caused people to easily form a favorable impression upon first look.

Standing in front of Shen Qingchuo, Feng Lian Ying let out a sigh and said, "Chuo'er meimei, you're the pearl in the palm of you grandfather's hand so you haven't yet seen the ugly side of this world. Therefore, you don't know that this world has numerous repulsive people who are beasts hiding behind a human face."

"When I first met this Xi Yue, I was also tricked by his outward appearance. I too thought that he was a modest gongzi. However, later on I learned that he… I learned that his heart was actually so shameless and ruthless. He actually tried to seduce my fiancé and repeatedly framed me."

"Chuo'er meimei, you're still young so you're gullible. But, by the time yo've been tricked by him, it'll already be too late. This is something I, jiejie [1], definitely doesn't wish to see happen to you."

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Feng Lian Ying's words were reasonable and deeply sentimental. One after another, the martial artists circling around Hexi all turned to look at her in disgust as they fell for Feng Lian Ying's words.

When Feng Lian Ying heard everyone around her discussing, she felt immensely proud of herself. Turning around to look at Shen Qingchuo again, the smile on her face became even kinder, "Chen'er meimei, my words now aren't for selfish reasons, I just hope that you won't be cheated by this person…"

"I won't be cheated by others and Xi gongzi won't trick me!" Shen Qingchuo snapped and couldn't help but loudly yell out, "I remember you, Ice Lotus Fairy, Feng Lian Ying, you… You're the shameless one, what qualifications do you have to speak of Xi gongzi?"

Feng Lian Ying's face was painted with shock, but Shen Qingchuo didn't stop there, "I… I also entered into the Sealed Dragon Domain's Secret Territory. You… Don't think that I don't know you exited the Sealed Dragon Domain's Secret Territory with no clothes on your body. I… I… I saw all of it. You.. You're the one who doesn't want to save face. You provoked His Majesty the King of h.e.l.l and now he doesn't even want you. You also actually want to frame Xi gongzi. You're the one whose truly shameless here!"

[1] jiejie – an older sister, but in this case, Feng Lian Ying is calling herself jiejie and Shen Qingchuo meimei in order to make it appear that they're close/are friendly. [2] cut sleeve – a euphemism for being h.o.m.os.e.xual

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