The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 502

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Chapter 502 Venomous Snake

Luo Yingchi was both the Emperor's personal guard and the commanding officer of the imperial guards.

But when he faced Shen Sen, Luo Yingchi didn't dare to act big. His voice carried great respect as he replied, "Replying to Elder Shen, it isn't us whose deliberately causing trouble for Xi gongzi. Rather, it's because Xi gongzi is suspected of killing the Third Prince, so the Emperor has ordered this subordinate to go apprehend her*."

Shen Sen narrowed his eyes, "What proof do you have that says Xi gongzi killed the Third Prince?"

"This… The proof is in the Emperor's hands, this subordinate isn't clear on it. However, as far as this subordinate knows, this Xi Yue has had issues with the Third Prince previously and ever since then, they've harbored hard feelings for each other. Perhaps it's because of this reason that she killed our Third Prince in the Sealed Dragon Domain in order to vent her hatred."

Before Shen Sen could respond, Shen Qingchuo already yelled, her voice full of anger, "Impossible, Xi gongzi isn't that type of person. Moreover, your Jin Ling is too unreasonable if it places a crime on someone purely based off of guesswork!"

Shen Sen held onto the emotional Shen Qingchuo, stopping her from talking, and unhurriedly laughed, "Since there's no evidence, what reason do you have to seize someone? Wouldn't it be better of the leader went to get the evidence before arresting the person? Xi Yue, let's leave…"

When Luo Yingchi saw that Shen Sen was just about to walk away with the person, he urgently said, "Elder Shen, that's not possible. We're acting under imperial orders, we cannot allow for Xi Yue to be taken away…"

Why would Shen Sen pay attention to him? He held onto Xi Yue was just about to leave.

Qing Xia Sect was one of the four largest sects on Miluo Continent. They didn't even pay attention to Tian Gang Country's monarch, so why would they pay any mind to Jin Ling, this insignificant country?

But, before Shen Sen could step out, a man's gloomy voice rang out from behind him, "Shen Sen, you're a grand elder of Qing Xia Sect, could it be that you want to ignore what's right and shield an"

Shen Sen turned around and when he saw the person behind him, his pupil slightly contracted, "Feng Yunjing!"

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Liu Li Sect was in Cang Ming Country and Qing Xia Sect was in Tian Gang Country, the two sects both minded their own business. However, regarding the matter with the ruler of Feng family and the person who truly wielded power in Liu Lu Sect, Shen Sen was very clear on it.

Her skin was snow white, like porcelain, and there were no blemishes to be seen on it.

Her phoenix eyes were colorful and clear, but in them there was a cold gleam. Even though she was in these circ.u.mstances, her eyes still held a calm and unfl.u.s.tered light. It felt as if she didn't feel a hint of fear or confusion.

Feng Yunjing pursued his lips as he unconsciously entered a fantasy. That face appeared by his side and held a weeping and begging expression. When he thought about this celestial snow-like, lofty, and proud person being ruined under him, with misty eyes and calling out his name, his eyes ignited with a burning fire.

He suddenly clenched the hand laying limply by his side. He deeply sucked in a breath, forcibly trying to suppress the on-coming heat wave.

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