The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 498

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Chapter 498 Meeting Shen Qingchuo Again

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Three days later, Hexi arrived at Jin Ling's imperial family's temporary residence at Breaking Soul Mountain.

The residence was enormous and decorated splendidly, presenting a dazzling sight to all who beheld it, that is, except for martial artists. To martial artists, all this couldn't meet the eyes of an immortal cultivator.

Just having arrived, Hexi was just about to pull out her invitation card, but she was interrupted by the sound of a woman's surprised voice, "Gong… Gongzi?!"

Surprised, Hexi turned around and came face-to-face with an elegant and beautiful young lady.

The young lady's appearance was seemed familiar, but no matter how long Hexi pondered over it, she couldn't recall where she had seen her.

"Gongzi, it's really you?!" The young girl's face was filled with satisfaction and she lightly ran over, "Thanking gongzi for saving my life last time. Has gongzi fared well after leaving Sealed Dragon Domain's Secret Territory?"

Saved her life?! Sealed Dragon Domain's Secret Territory?!

Once the young girl's words were out, Hexi immediately remembered her, "You're… Shen Qingchuo?"

Hexi had always possessed the ability to remember everyone she met, but at the time, the young girl was such a sorry figure, a complete contrast to her now, as she was wearing magnificent clothes, so the Hexi didn't immediately connect the two.

Shen Qingchuo was extremely surprised, each time she spoke, her voice quivered, "Gongzi, I never thought you would actually remember me… I… I engraved the memory of gongzi saving me, I haven't forgotten it since."

The young lady's face was bright red and her voice was quivering and quiet, like that of a tiny fly.

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Her entire person looked like a flower that had been touched by dew. She emitted a shy aura and her eyes were sincere and clear.

And standing behind him were a couple disciples, each of whom were wearing cyan colored clothes. Most of these disciples were already at a high level of Gold Core and Meridians stage.

When the man heard Shen Qingchuo's words, he reached a shaking hand out and rested it atop her head. With unhappiness coating his voice, he said, "You still have the nerve to speak of that. That day, we urged you not to go, we told you that Sealed Dragon Domain's border was extremely dangerous and didn't want you to follow your senior male and female students there. But you? Not only do you not listen, you actually even colluded with younger students to run away from the group and sneakily run to the Secret Territory."

"Fortunately there was someone to save you, otherwise, if your yeye came to know that your body was in Jin Ling country, he would've wreaked havoc on Jin Ling country. If you continue to disobey us, we'll lock you up on Qing Xia Mountain for a hundred years. You'll have to cultivate everyday and you won't be able to come down!"

When Shen Qingchuo heard his threat, her face immediately showed suffering and she grabbed onto his sleeve and looked up at him with pleading eyes, "Xiao shushu, I already know my wrongs, don't scold me okay? Especially not… In front of gongzi's face, can't you leave me some face ah?"

[1] xiao shu – her paternal uncle[2] yeye – paternal grandfather

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