The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 495

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Chapter 495 Master’s Obligation

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"If I only hide away in safety and cultivate, I'm afraid that any movement would leave my life in danger and myself defenseless. Would I be any different from a caged canary?"

"Is this the life I, Nalan Hexi, wish to lead? Absolutely not!"

"Let alone the fact that I'm not alone. By my side I have Dan Dan, Little Purple, and Long Long, they can help me." Hexi sighed and her tone became decisive, "Therefore, if we're friends, don't dare to block me again!"

Wu Xin and Gu Liufeng turned to look at each other in dismay and were momentarily speechless.

Wu Xin wanted to go with her, but his injuries still hadn't completely healed.

Gu Liufeng also wanted to go, but he didn't have an invitation and the big hunting match wasn't just an event anyone could enter.

The room quieted down and for a long time, n.o.body spoke.

Suddenly, loud laughter sounded from outside, "Ai ya ya, really deserving to be my disciple. You're ambitious and have skill, it seems this Master really didn't pick the wrong disciple."

Those words had just been spoken when the door opened with a pop and an old man wearing shabby clothes and reeking of wine appeared in the doorway.

He let out a satisfied hiccup and mischievously laughed, "Although your words are pleasant to hear, your strength is far too weak. If you meet someone at Gold Core stage you can risk your life. But if you run into someone at Nascent Soul stage, ze ze ze… That would be far from good. Then, the clever disciple this old man worked so hard to get would be gone. Ai ya ya… Then wouldn't the fine wine and good food be gone… Very bad, very bad! Too bad!"

Wu Xin and Gu Liufeng were in the midst of concern when they heard this old man run over and cause trouble. They couldn't help but become fidgety, "Senior you clearly know Hexi wants to go take risks, yet you aren't thinking of any means to get her to not, how could you only stand here making cynical remarks?"

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"Who says this old man is only making cynical remarks?" When the old man heard this, he became unhappy and immediately retorted, "Isn't this old man coming to think of a way? Ai, I say clever disciple, can you just not go partic.i.p.ate in that pain of a hunting match? If you leave, then won't this Master be unable to eat fresh dishes for several months?"

"You two babies, rest a.s.sured. I'm only teaching my clever disciple some defensive skills. This will guarantee that she'll return from the big hunting match safe and sound."

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Ten days had already pa.s.sed since that old beggar man had brought Hexi away and the big hunting match was just three days away from starting.

Alone, Gu Liufeng sat at the base of Cang Mountain in Bie Courtyard. He blankly stared off into the distance with wrinkled brows whilst drinking.

Suddenly, he felt a frosty wind blowing from behind his back, causing him to shiver from the cold.

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