The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 494

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Chapter 494 Big Hunting Match

The front of her clothes was instantly soaked with the little fellow's tears. Following his sobs was a magic voice in her head that was tearfully complaining, "Mother, wu wu wu… You must take responsibility of Dan Dan ah. Dan Dan is suffering even more than the white cabbage in the floor [1]…"

You even know of white cabbage?! How many melodramatic dramas did you see then?!

On the outside there was the old man who was drinking, whilst letting out satisfying burps, and mischievously laughing, "Clever disciple, the wine's almost gone. Aren't you going to replenish some for your Master? And that snake soup from this morning was delicious ah, Master wants to eat more tonight!"

Ai… Hexi felt that she would rather eliminate a hundred Murong families and several cloaked persons combined before she would want to deal with these two big and small clowns.

It's been a long time since she's had such days!

»»————- ✼ ————-««

What Hexi didn't expect was that she would unexpectedly receive a transmitting slip three days later.

This slip was different from the simple and crude one she had in her hand. The slip was silver and there was a dark red design drawn on by a cinnabar.

The first thing Hexi thought of was the middle aged man from Hundred Herb Mist who bitterly hated Feng Lian Ying and had lost his wife and child.

Hexi channeled her spiritual power into the slip and burned it. Soon after, a male's rough and hoa.r.s.e voice, carrying anger and resentment, rang out in her ears.

As she listened to the man narrating, a cold smile appeared on Hexi's lips and her eyes shone with a deep profoundness which was faintly discernible.

She quickly asked for Xi San to appear in front of her. Dropping her voice, she said, "Xi San, you need to subst.i.tute me to deal with something."

"What matter? Don't hesitate to instruct me."

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Hexi took the silver slip that was a third of the way burnt and softly entered a few words inside. Then, she poured spiritual power inside it, allowing it to fly up.

Wu Xin anxiously retorted, "But this subordinate's responsibility is to follow and protect w.a.n.gfei. How could this subordinate allow w.a.n.gfei to take any chances?"

Hexi's entire face was helpless. She looked at Gu Liufeng, whose expression was heavy, then looked at Wu Xin again before sighing, "Aren't you guys too wary? As far as I know, the hunting match is only held every four years and the host is Miluo Continent's Si Da Sect."

"The purpose of the hunting match is to search for gifted martial artists. After, Si Da Sect will recruit some. As for the ones Si Da Sect doesn't deem worthy, the imperial and aristocratic families can recruit them."

"Since they're looking for talent, there's a possibility for injury in the big match. However, it won't be uncalled for and bring harm to someone's life. Let alone for the fact that the big hunting match's compet.i.tors can only be at Foundation Establishment stage, Meridians stage, and Gold Core stage. There are also guards at Nascent Soul stage and some are from the imperial guards. This can be said to be the safest place and experience."

Speaking up to here, Hexi raised her head. Her phoenix eyes were narrowed, but a burning fire could still be seen in them, "I want to become strong. I don't want to be bullied or suppressed by anyone. So how can I escape danger? Escape compet.i.tion?"

[1] white cabbage in the floor – usually used to represent children who have lost their mother

[ ] [ ] [ ]

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