The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 493

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Chapter 493 Home of Good Virtue

Even though he lost his soul, he still didn’t't forget what he wanted to do the most, which was to protect her and to ensure that she didn't receive any harm.

This att.i.tude made it impossible for Hexi to remain unmoved.

Gu Liufeng looked at his Mother's peaceful face and quietly said, "Actually, jiujiu isn't my biological jiujiu. I don't even know what his previous surname was nor do I know why he changed it to Gu. Even more so, I don't know how he and Mother came to know each other. All I know is that he's been treating me so well ever since I can remember… So well in fact that I resented the Heavens. Why wasn't my biological father jiujiu instead of that brute Murong Feng?"

"But, nowadays everything is good." Gu Liufeng stood up and the smile on his face no longer had a hint of melancholy, instead, it was calm, "All of my hatred and desires have come to the perfect end. The rest of my time will be dedicated to fulfilling my promise to you, to serve you."

"Xi Yue, if there's any need to use any of my territory, please, don't hesitate to ask."

Hexi didn't get to respond to his claim when the sound of Dan Dan's crying voice suddenly rang out from outside the room, "Mother, Mother, that bad old man stole my freshly steamed meat! Wu wu wu… Mother you must take responsibility for Dan Dan ah!"

"Ai ya, you little pig, tell me how you don't speak any reason ah! This dish has clearly been prepared by my clever disciple, what's wrong with me eating a little? And I haven't even talked about you yet. You're so small, how come you eat so much? Where does all the food you eat go? So much delicious food has entered you, a little pig's, stomach, isn't that a waste of resources?"

"Wu wu wu, I dislike this bad old man Mother. Dan Dan doesn't want him to be Mother's master, doesn't want him to steal Dan Dan's food. Mother, is it okay if you drive him away?"

Hearing the big and small voices from nearby and distant places, Hexi felt her temple throbbing at their argument.

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She expressionlessly looked at Gu Liufeng as she faintly said, "If you can settle those two annoyances for me, I'd even be fine with calling you Master!"

After they began following Hexi, Hexi changed their surnames to Xi, just like she did with Xi Jia and them. As for their names, they could each think of their own.

At a low price, Hexi had someone buy Murong manor, which consisted of the burnt buildings that had turned into haunted houses. She named it "Home of Good Virtue" and arranged for those children to learn and train in those houses. The house's nature was a.n.a.logous to the orphanages in her previous life.

After finishing instructing Gu Liufeng, Hexi turned around to leave the room. Once she exited the door, she was welcomed with a little pink pig throwing itself at her. In one motion, she carried it and held it within her bosom.

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