The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 491

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Chapter 491 Shameless!

As Hexi was listening to Xi San's report, a grave expression crept onto her face.

By the side, Gu Liufeng raised a cup and lightly drank and sip of tea before smiling and saying, "Their subordinates are truly fast. As long as they're a useless chess piece, they'll be completely and utterly eliminated. It's really ruthless enough, absolute enough!"

Gu Liufeng switched the topic when he saw concern surface in Hexi's eyes. "After pa.s.sing through this event concerning Murong manor and Sheng De Hall, I'm afraid that they'll soon know that Genius Doctor Xi is you. Xi San you have too many treasures that cause people to become crazy with longing on your hands, in the future, you have to tread carefully."

Hexi nodded her head, "You can be at ease, I know when I should look after my own hide and when I should press forward and slap faces. If they want the things in my hands, then they should try and see if they have the skills. I want to see if they have the life to come and leave!"

Gu Liufeng laughed, "Sometimes I really don't know where you learned such bizarre words from. Press forward and slap faces… En. Although these words are vulgar, their meaning is just right."

Hexi ignored Gu Liufeng's teasing and looked at Xi San, "Is there any other news?"

Xi San knit his brow and hesitated for a moment before cautiously saying, "There is another piece of news. This subordinate doesn't know whether it's fake or true, but one of Sheng De Hall's young waiters overheard a customer and merchant, who had come from far away, say these things. It's about… The news is about the Ice Fairy Lotus and the King of h.e.l.l."

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Hexi's eyes dimmed and cold air unconsciously emitted from her body. Still, she lightly laughed and said, "O, let me hear it."

For a moment Xi San was calm before he suddenly realized that his family's Master's contributions had all been claimed by some other woman and immediately became angered. "What's up with that bullsh** fairy ah? Why would she falsely claim Young Miss' contributions? Does she want her face anymore? Could it be that those saved martial artists wouldn't refute her claims?"

Hexi coldly laughed and her mouth curved, slowly saying, "That's why this news has spread in mainly Cang Ming kingdom and Hao Yue kingdom. Cang Ming kingdom is entirely under Feng family's control, if they wanted to completely control public opinion, it would be an easy thing. And Hao Yue kingdom is very far away from Jin Ling kingdom. There were few people from there who came to Sealed Dragon Domain. Even if a few people knew the truth, they wouldn't go against Feng family just for the sake of some insignificant doctor's innocence."

Xi San became so angered he clenched his fists and furiously said, "Don't tell me we'll just allow that rotten fairy steal Young Miss' contributions? Not only this, but nowadays, there's a wide spread rumor in Cang Ming kingdom… Rumors that His Majesty King of h.e.l.l admires the Ice Fairy Lotus' humanity, benevolence, virtuousness, and kindness. Therefore, he has already intended to bring up marriage with Feng family. But, His Majesty King of h.e.l.l is clearly acts partial toward you…"

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